Nikolas Cruz & Antifa…

The Florida shooter had an AR-15 and ample opportunity to kill as he proved yesterday.  The blame has already been assigned to the AR-15 being available as if the banning of those weapons would’ve changed what happened.  This kid had a significant problem, was booted from school, was treated until he decided he didn’t want treatment and then shows up with the AR-15 and kills students.

The knee-jerk assumption is that without an AR-15, this carnage would never have occurred.  The truth is that without this kid with a problem that hadn’t been sufficiently treated this carnage would not have occurred.  He could easily have used a shotgun and probably have accomplished much the same outcome.  Had that occurred, would the “ban the shotguns” movement be in high gear today?  I doubt it.  You know it would not have happened, too, even if you hate guns.

This miscreant slipped through the process somehow and that is what needs to be the focus at this point.  It seems society had ample opportunity to get him cured or committed, whichever was determined to be proper in his case.  That he was apparently impacted by the Antifa Movement is part of the problem but had he still been under treatment for his issues he probably wouldn’t have gotten caught up in Antifa with those deranged people who no doubt welcomed him into their ranks…if he was ‘officially’ in their ranks.  I don’t know where you go to sign up for a tour of Antifa duty.  Are we now hiding behind that movement to try to explain his personal issues?

Our society blew it in this case.  He was going to ‘go off’ somewhere and sometime.  He hadn’t been cured.  He dropped out and somehow got himself jazzed up about Antifa and bought or stole an AR-15 and ammunition and did what he did.  He could’ve as easily gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle and driven into a large crowd walking down the street.  There is hardly a limit to the number of ways his need for killing could’ve been satisfied.

As an aside, I wonder if those convicted of such a heinous crime ought, as part of their sentence, be subjected to the same cruelty they inflicted on one or more people in order to find themselves in court.  If I knew I’d be shot in the foot, even, with an AR-15 if I did what he did, I’d have had to give that a lot of thought before proceeding with the action.  Maybe the perpetrator would think his idea not such a good one if this were part of the punishment.

He obviously had/has a problem and should not have been permitted to walk away from treatment.  We see that in retrospect.  This was not caused by the availability of an AR-15.  If, in fact, the Antifa movement was part of his problem, I hope we get the message that these people need to be dealt with and that needs to occur quickly to prevent more such stupidity from being acted out.

We have some very serious problems in our society and those need to be identified and dealt with in a substantive manner.  No pussyfooting around the edges.  Go at the problem and those people who are acting up in this manner and rid our country of that movement.  If they need to beat someone with baseball bats, maybe their punishment ought to include at least a couple of whacks with a bat once they’re convicted.

Maybe the “eye for an eye” thingy has some real merit just as a bullet in the foot would have merit and the baseball bat swung at a body part would have merit.  Could it be that we have become too sophisticated, too civilized in our punishments?

Elections Have Consequences…

The title is certainly not fresh thinking; we’ve known almost for as long as we’ve been alive that elections have consequences.  The majority of us accept the outcomes, at least over time, and work diligently to change things next time if we disagreed with the last outcome.

The liberals have tried, and are still trying, to do away with the results of the last national election.  Almost on a daily basis, I see another “isn’t Obama just the greatest thing ever to happen to this country” diatribe almost as if liberals simply have been unable to accept the outcome of our last national election.

If I didn’t know better, or at least didn’t think I knew better, I begin to think that the liberals have some form of a self-deceptive disease that keeps them from seeing the truth.  We elected a conservative or at least the most conservative person whom we found on the national ballot.  His name is Donald Trump and he is a very successful businessman who also has a very large ego.  He has made more millions than I could even conceive of having or earning, and I think he is doing a very good job of running this country given what he walked into after his inauguration.

In spite of all this and the fact the outcome of that last national election has been known for many months, there appear to be a group of people that have refused to accept the truth.  In fact, they seem so out-of-touch with reality as to have even lost touch with the fact that this Obama guy isn’t still sitting in the Oval Office.  I see his picture more often, it seems than I see that of the real President, Donald Trump.  It is always attached to a form of a questionnaire that asks my opinion, but which is really trying to shape my opinion since the people behind this movement have apparently lost touch with reality.

These poor folks are still touting Obama as the greatest President and seem to think they’ll find him in the Oval Office again if they just persist in this folly they seem to conceive of as deep thinking, as them displaying their masterful knowledge and superior intellect that us voters apparently simply cannot comprehend.  If we could, they seem to reason, how in the world did this Trump guy get elected unless there was skullduggery of one kind or another involved.

If it weren’t so bothersome, I’d probably feel bad for the Dems who are so misguided by their personal thinking as to believe they can somehow overcome those election results, and return Obama to the Oval Office for a third term.  I would really try to help them in their grief and their inability to accept reality if they weren’t so darned obnoxious in the role of losers.

Maybe if we keep President Trump in office for a second term, they’ll have had time to deal with reality.  Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me to find a movement that tries to get the two-term limit in this office thrown out so they could have Obama take another tour of duty.

There are, as we all know, poor losers.  But these people transcend merely being poor losers.  These people are totally bereft of the ability to reason their way through these issues.  There is some kind of mental block or mental issue that apparently precludes them from seeing reality.  It is as if that election never took place and they will awaken from this nightmare sooner or later.

Maybe the best thing us conservatives can do to help these poor folks will be the re-election of President Trump to a second four-year term in office.  Maybe by that time, the Democrats will have come to understand that Obama is gone; that all the Obamas are gone if only a few blocks away from the White House, but gone nonetheless.

Apparently, some of these physic wounds take longer to heal than others, and this seems to fall into that category.  To help speed the healing process, you could consider letting your Democrat friends know that this is reality and that they are not in some never-never land.  Encourage them to work their way through the healing process because they’ll probably encounter a similar problem before long and they’d best be ready this time.

You might be sure that you are more than an arm’s length away, though, in case they still feel the need to take a swing at you.  It isn’t always easy to minister to those suffering these kinds of anxiety, but we conservatives can at least try to be helpful.

Print Journalism Doomed?

The CEO of the New York Times publication, Mark Thompson, had quite a pronouncement to make: “Print journalism has maybe another 10 years”.

I have a need for the tactile sensation of holding a piece of paper with words on it in order to feel as though I am reading the news.  I will often highlight information on my computer screen and print it for later consumption during which I satisfy my apparent need for the tactile sensation to accompany my reading.

I am apparently an information gathering dinosaur whose species is doomed since that is not as economical for publishers as is the use of electronic transmission of the same news…with even the use of electronic clips rather than printed pictures to help convey more to the experience.  In some cases, quotes are in audio/video form rather than simply having punctuation demarcations separating them out as actual statements made.  Who’d have thought?

The writing has been on the wall, no pun intended, for some time.  I am simply one of those who grew up holding a piece of paper that got my fingers dirty from which I read the words that made sentences that gave me information.  The generation that contains my children has less and less reliance on the print media for almost everything.  The generation containing my grandchildren is already done with having to hold something other than a tablet in their hands while gathering and consuming information.  The idea of going to a library for books that contain information is more and more foreign to them.  Why would anyone do that when they can simply pull it up on their tablet and have all that extra time remaining vs. traveling physically to and from a library or a bookstore.  I still have a voracious book appetite!

I initially thought that there might be some hope for those of us who have the tactile neediness to accompany information gathering that I seem to have.  I am becoming, rapidly becoming, aware that I am truly in the “older generation”.

At the same time, I must say that I see the demise in the form of the newspapers I used to find so useful that now tend to make me dig more deeply using my laptop for which I seem to pay more at every renewal.  I am very close to telling the Journal Sentinel Company, now owned by a company (Gannett) buying up newspapers at ‘fire sale’ prices, to stuff their terribly high subscription prices for a paper that gets smaller and smaller as their prices get higher and higher.  The last vestige is that of having the Sunday paper delivered in hard copy form…and that is getting closer and closer to becoming “a thing of the past” in my household given ever-increasing subscription rates for ever-decreasing page counts, the substance of which is more and more print advertising which also seems to be diminishing in importance.

Adding to the speed of its demise is the fact that the staffing levels of newsPAPERS have diminished to the point that human-initiated & delivered service is apparently no longer available.  I tried to make contact with a human yesterday at the Milwaukee news organization that was recently acquired by Gannett, and the wait times quoted by the computer-generated voice were astronomical…hours instead of minutes for a human to find time to talk with me.  I never did get to talk with anyone.

So, their product is dying because rates are ever-increasing, so staffing is reduced to provide some modicum of profit, so service continues to decline so rates go up to offset the lost subscription dollars which simply increases the speed with which this trend is occurring.  You’d think someone would see that correlation.

If I am not terribly mistaken, this sounds to me like the very definition of a “death spiral” and I have to wonder why Gannett is so anxious to buy more of these dinosaurs so they can reduce the level of service available more rapidly so the trend line steepens to the depths of despair.

I guess the good news in all this is two-fold:  I will not have ink-print on my fingers nearly so much as I do now, and…I’ve forgotten the other piece of good news.  Think I’ll go the Fox News and stayed tuned all day long.  It is far-less-expensive and I don’t have to avoid smearing my blackened fingers on everything around me.

Print journalism goes the way of the dinosaurs and I lament that…but I will get used to it since there is little choice.

Kissinger on Trump…

Some of you may not even remember former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger who served in the Nixon Administration, but he was a bit of a gruff, accented mastermind who ran our foreign policy like few had done before or have done since.  Dick Morris writes an opinion piece that captures his essence in an article titled: Kissinger: Trump’s Foreign Policy Style Is “Remarkable and New…People Need to Open Their Eyes”.

A quote from that piece:

Liberals and all who favor (Hillary) Clinton will never admit it.  They will never admit that he is the one true leader.  The man is doing changes like never before and does all of it for the sake of this nation’s people.  After eight years of tyranny, we finally see a difference.

Every country now has to consider two things: One, their perception that the previous president, or the outgoing president, basically withdrew America from international politics, so that they had to make their own assessments of their necessities.  And, secondly, that there is a new president who’s asking a lot of unfamiliar questions.  And because of the combination of the partial vacuum and the new questions, one could imagine that something remarkable and new emerges out of it.

Trump puts America and its people first.  This is why people love him and this is why he will remain in charge for so long.  There is not a single thing wrong with him and people need to open their eyes.

Wow!  This from a staid, cranky, old dude who called a spade a spade and who kept Nixon’s foreign policy on track in an era full of potential problems globally.  Kissinger was a hard-nose who called them the way he saw them, without much concern for the ripples that might’ve created.  His wisdom guided us ably.

If Henry Kissinger thinks we have a good new president, I will not work to dispute that take.

We benefit from history only if we will learn from that history.  Our immediate past-President seemed to ignore lessons that were available for the taking since he was the new gift this country had been seeking for lo those many years.  For Obama to be compared to Nixon by Kissinger must be a bit disconcerting to Obama; if it isn’t disconcerting to him, he ought to re-think a bit.

I think the not-so-subtle difference in this situation is actually quite simple:  Nixon presided over the nation for the benefit of that nation and its people.  I don’t think that was what drove Obama.  To the contrary, I believe that Obama presided over the nation to change it to what he saw as the way our country ought to have been for a long time.  Never mind that little oddity that this is the country that gave Obama the opportunity to be its president, and thus took him from, again I say it, being a nondescript back-bench, non-voting state senator in Springfield, IL to the Oval office.

Unfortunately, one of those two took the oath for the benefit of the country more than self, while the other took the oath for personal gain more than to benefit the country.  That also explains the mealy-mouthed foreign policy we lived with and through under President Obama as contrasted with that of President Nixon who isn’t usually touted as one of our steller Oval office occupants.

Another quote from Kissinger’s time in office really sums it up:

The weak grow strong by effrontery.  The strong grow weak through inhibition.

Dick Morris says about that:

No sentence better captures the U.S. – North Korea relationship.

So, we have President Trump who obviously says to North Korea’s dictator enough of your strongman stuff is enough.  Launch your own destruction if you wish; get along with us if you behave.  We’re prepared for either eventuality; it is your call.

Difficult times call for strong leaders.  We have one, thankfully!  A most pleasant change, I might add!

North Korea Is Scary…

It is not the poor people who live in North Korea that are threats, but their leader who is a very real threat.  He is not a person with whom we can have a diplomatic discussion to reach a point where he and we can peacefully coexist.  He strikes me as an unstable bully given to whatever intrigues him at the moment and we know he doesn’t even play well with his own countrymen and women.

If, as has been discussed widely, he possesses the ability to rain death upon us from a previously launched satellite using a low-grade nuclear device to destroy our grid system, then we know everything we need to know.  If this is true to the best of our knowledge, he cannot be permitted to exercise a first strike that could shut down our economy in an instant, and that would significantly damage our ability to exist as a nation.

The United Nations has no ability to handle this, or, if it does, has no intent to involve itself in this situation.  We are at the point where we need to act pre-emptively and to act decisively.  If we have the capability to destroy his orbiting satellite that supposedly is the tool he’d use against us then we need to do that as quickly as is at all possible.

If we do not have the ability to take that threat out-of-play, we need to deal with the man who has his finger on the trigger, and we need to quit what I would call the ‘pussyfooting’ approach as if we are afraid of our own shadow.  He is unstable.  He apparently has weapons of mass destruction at his beck and call.  He is Evil personified. Period!

We have to move forward with the threat he represents at the top of mind.  If we have an alliance that needs to be involved, that process needs to happen and happen quickly.  If we fear the international politics that might flow from such a preemptive strike, I’d say our survival as a country is far more important than repercussions that might flow from the act after-the-fact.

If the United States should be suddenly plunged back into the equivalent of the 1,800s or early 1,900s, there would be no coming back from that occurrence.  We would be wiped off the face of this earth by our other enemies to the extent left necessary by the attack by North Korea.  The peace in our world today is driven by our ability to make sure that remains intact.  We are the 800 lb. Gorilla.  If we suddenly lost our standing as the 800 lb. Gorilla, we would be dumped on by other countries which we believe are our allies today.  Do we, for example, think that Mr. Putin wouldn’t seize on opportunities to assume a bigger role, maybe the biggest role in this new world without the United States as world peace-keeper?

The UN exists because we fund the major part of its budget and we act as its protector to keep the wolves away from the door.  Countries we think are our allies might well surprise us if and when the chips are down.  If it comes down to them or us, they are going to do what we would do and protect their self-interests.

We cannot continue to be so naive as to think this is not the truth; that is fine but only so long as we are the 800 lb. Gorilla, and there is no other sane country that would dare to stomp on our toes.  There is a less-than-sane country that would react in a heartbeat, or which might even act preemptively against us given the alignment of the stars suggesting we were able to effectively be destroyed by plunging us back into the equivalent of the 1,800s.

There are certain realities that drive diplomacy to the very back of the bus or worse that kick diplomacy out of the discussion.  If we are to continue our role in this world, we need to be willing to presumptively exercise our bequeathed role as the policeman of the world.  And North Korea needs be dealt with decisively and quickly.  The leader of that country will not hesitate for even an instant when he believes he has the weapon to make all this happen…even if he overestimates his strength.

I don’t know of a person in our entire country who believes he is a stable world leader.  His actions betray him for what he is.  We need to act, and we need to take our best shot first in this case.  He has to be floored by our first punch and unable to answer the bell for the next round.

It IS just that simple no matter how complicated we might be led to believe it to be.


Where Are We Going?

There is an old story dating from who knows when that talks about the Camel’s nose and the tent his master occupies.  It goes something like this:

One cold night, as an Arab sat in his tent, a camel gently thrust his nose under the flap and looked in.  “Master”, he said, “let me put my nose in your tent.  It’s cold and stormy out here.”  “By all means,” said the Arab, “and welcome” as he turned over and went to sleep.

A little later the Arab awoke to find the camel had not only put his nose in the tent but his head and neck also.  The camel, who had been turning his head from side to side, said, “I will take but little more room if I place my forelegs within the tent.  It is difficult standing out here.”  “Yes, you may put your forelegs within”, said the Arab, moving a little to make room, for the tent was small.

Finally, the camel said, “May I not stand wholly inside?  I keep the tent open by standing as I do.”  “Yes, yes,” said the Arab.  “Come wholly inside.  Perhaps it will be better for both of us.”  So the camel crowded in.  The Arab with difficulty in the crowded quarters again went to sleep.  When he woke up the next time, he was outside in the cold and the camel had the tent to himself.

True, this is an old, old tale but one, I believe, that we should remember lest we end up as the man did…out in the cold wondering what the heck happened to us when all we were trying to do was be nice and hospitable.

We have a nearly perfect story like this but it is a current story and it is happening in California where the ‘heroin’ habit is the camel with its nose under the tent.  The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that two new heroin injection sites will open this July, likely making San Francisco the first city in the nation to “embrace the controversial model of allowing drug users to shoot up under supervision.”

If that is not the modern version of the Camel story, I don’t think there is a modern version, yet we know better and the proof lies before our very eyes if we’ll but look around us.  That same article noted that while San Francisco can ‘celebrate’ being the first in the nation to take such action, other cities, including Seattle, Baltimore and Philadelphia are now talking about opening their own safe injection facilities.  Such facilities already exist in Canada, Australia, and Europe.

We are moving from neighborhood needle exchanges to full-fledged injection facilities.  What is next?  Maybe the government will take on the work of supplying the heroin to assure that it is ‘safe’ for use.  San Francisco is the same city that legalized marijuana and the city elders were remembered as having said: “we won’t tolerate harder drugs.”  So much for the city elders’ resolve.  I wonder how many of them stop by a “shoot-up” center on their way to city meetings so they can make even more such well-informed and well-intentioned decisions.

Having family in Colorado, I have railed about that state and it’s embracing of marijuana, and about where that is likely to lead ultimately.  California was one of those early “Marijuana use” states and we can see readily where that took, and is still taking, that state.  Where there are as yet “unclaimed tax dollars” to be found, there are officials only too happy to play the same game that California embarked on some time earlier.  If anything, Colorado might be ahead of California in terms of where it has come in the relatively short time marijuana has been legalized.  The line between real medical need and contrived medical need simply creating a recreational need is dimmer and dimmer as tax revenues grow and more is needed to match the increased spending of that revenue stream.

The proverbial marijuana camel has its nose under the tent flap of the United States and it will not go away until it, too, has come fully into our tent, thus leaving no room for us who have stood by and watched this happen.  We will not be able to claim, before the ultimate judge, that we had no way of knowing where that was to lead us.  We already see where that takes us, and we’re virtually out of time to do anything substantive about that problem we’ve created for ourselves.

There Are Times When…

There are times when I think maybe I should give up reading so much, and blogging and trying to stay aware of the happenings of the day…and just go about my business oblivious to what is and isn’t happening around me…and the impact of all that ‘stuff’ on our country and our way of life.

There are times when I sort of envy those who do not have the need I seem to have for the latest news and the stories behind the news.  There are times when I sort of envy those who seem able to sail along merrily through each day without any thought to those things that apparently impassion me.

And then, there are those times when I know that I have to be involved for my own good, that I couldn’t be like I dream of being even if I tried, and that whether or not this makes a difference to anyone else, it does help me retain whatever part of my sanity that still exists.  Glad we had this discussion, lopsided though it was.

The waterjet of daily politics is still working and the day’s information is still flowing, and the disgust with some of it is still just as strong as usual.  The back story involving the Obama’s and their continued efforts to purloin our society and to reform it to the image they believe is better than yesterday’s was is striking and scary simultaneously.

This family is driven to become the permanent ruling family of America (since we found the Clintons’ woefully short in that effort) and to stay in that capacity for so long as is at all possible simply reliant upon the gullibility of a sufficient number of people.  These gullible people are just like you and me, except for their belief systems as to politics and what this country should be if what it is not precisely as they believe it needs to be.

We talked last week about the new order of things as they see that order and the new website they formed that will enable them to interfere with day-to-day politics and governance from a safe distance while the worker bees who are hooked on the opioid known as Obamaism go about the daily work of fouling our society and our government.

We have a sycophant liberal press that is only too happy to carry water for the Obama movement (not to be confused with a daily cleansing routine that sounds vaguely similar), as I’ll call it, no matter what that might ultimately mean for our freedoms as we’ve known those for lo these many years.

We have liberals who are seemingly like lemmings on their way to the sea when it comes to worship at the throne of Obamaism that apparently see no problem with the further entrenchment of this political movement in our daily life.

You might have seen the debacle yesterday that was the Democrats’ version of delaying progress so that Nancy Pelosi could opine on nothingness for hours to simply show that she objected to whatever was on the docket for the day.  This is apparently what passes for governing in the Democrats’ vernacular.  It was a sorry sight which further magnified the issues we as a people have in the effort to govern ourselves as the forefathers envisioned.

I sometimes wonder if we might one day get to the tipping point where liberalism becomes the dominant form of governance and where us conservatives are simply shunted off to the side until we and our ideals have died out in modern society.  I earnestly hope that the ebb and flow and the give and take will go on long after these blogs are gone.

But there are days such as yesterday when the question resurfaces as I watch a Nancy Pelosi make a fool of herself in the name of delaying Congress, that makes me wonder if we might not have already gone a mile too far down the liberal road to oblivion.  And then there is another blog to keep ‘my juices’ flowing.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did…but I doubt that is possible.

Accept my wishes for a great and wonderful conservative day!