Death Throes of an Ill-Conceived Plan

ObamaCare, as I prefer to continue to call this abomination giving all due credit/responsibility to its creator-in-chief, has begun a much more visible part of the death throes many of us predicted at the onset.  I don’t know how many times I have already preached to the choir on this subject, but here is another example of this poorly thought, poorly executed national health plan.  Yes, it was a national health plan from day #1, that was not supposed to jeopardize the health insurance industry, just destroy its functional necessity.

ObamaCare is performing as was intended by the masterminds that put it together, no matter what they or their apologists may be screaming in press releases.  Anyone with experience in the ‘hows’ of health insurance saw this writing on the wall from day #1.  That has to include its creators since they told us they, in so many words, were the smartest people ever created.  So much for self-aggrandizement on the part of the Democrats and their savior/President Barack Obama.

This has to also include the health insurers who eagerly sought to gain access to this ‘honey pot’.  Those who put it together knew full well it was never going to survive exposure to reality, but that would then “have to be fixed” and the “fix” would be nationalized health care as they had wanted from the very beginning.  All too clever by at least half!

So, as we all might’ve suspected, this debacle has now apparently become the fault of President Trump who inherited this piece of political garbage, from his predecessor, one Barack Obama, at the risk of repeating myself, but one can never give too much credit to the political genius that dreamed up and perpetrated this scam on the American people.

Virtually any of us who have spent any time at all in the health insurance industry could, and did, see this impending debacle from the beginning.  One does not alter the immutable laws of the fiscal risk-taking universe simply by the signing of a piece of paper.  One does not change the actuarial realities by simply wishing them away.  There was full and complete knowledge of forethought when this Obama abomination was created.  And they created it in spite of their knowledge that this would ultimately crash and burn.

In short, the creators and implementers had to have, or well should have, known this was simply a disaster in the making that would be so disruptive and destructive to the health insurance marketplace as to render it moot in short order; thus leading to the only remaining ‘solution’, single-payer health care.

President Trump is making some decisions that ideally will help to mitigate the impact of this disaster for taxpayers but these may be too little and too late not, by the way, his fault, simply his inheritance.  If there is any justice involved in the conduct of politicians, which is sometimes very doubtful, the Dems will pay a dear price for what they did to our health care system and the manner in which it was being financed.

Is there culpability on multiple levels?  Absolutely.  Greed has the power to corrupt and those who thought this was their ‘pot of gold’ were all too quick to go after it thus obscuring some realities.  Among those might be the simple question of why this ‘Ponzi scheme’ would end any differently than did the first such ‘Ponzi scheme’?

I suspect this is but one more of many chapters remaining to be seen in this mess.  And, we’ve only begun to learn what the monetary price for all this will be.  Remember where the blame for all this has to placed…and refuse to be duped as he duped us without paying any price at all for this transgression.

I was told long ago that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

WAPO Says: We Are Extremists…

It has obviously been determined, some time ago, by the Washington Post, and others of its ilk, that Republicans are ideological extremists and that ‘conservative’ Republicans are even worse.  This was the conclusion in a piece written by Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein way back on April 27, 2012.  The title of that piece was:  “Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem.”

The two authors covered their respective tracks by saying:  “We have been studying Washington politics and Congress for more than 40 years, and never have we seen them this dysfunctional.  In our past writings, we have criticized both parties when we believed it was warranted.  Today, however, we have no choice but to acknowledge that the core of the problem lies with the Republican Party.”  The piece went on to say: “The GOP has become an insurgent outlier in American politics.  It is ideologically extreme; scornful of compromise; unmoved by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science; dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition.”  “When one party moves this far from the mainstream, it makes it nearly impossible for the political system to deal constructively with the country’s challenges.”

The separation between their philosophy and beliefs and those of conservatives is so broad as to make it nearly impossible to find a middle ground.  These two people obviously believed everything they were expressing was dead-on correct.  Given this base belief in their ‘heart of hearts’, there is obviously virtually no room for legitimate debate or compromise.  Compromise from their perspectives would be the complete reversal of the things you and I and other conservatives hold to be base truths.  Compromise, to these two and likely to far more on the liberal branch of the tree that is America, would amount to us conservatives completely disavowing that for which we stand.

Again, this opinion was written in 2012; much has changed since that time a half-decade ago, and the change has been an even greater separation between liberals and conservatives.

So, in their belief system, we are definitely the problem and that seems so extreme a belief that we would be wise to not waste time on trying to find a compromise on almost any issue in Congress today.  We should have the majority if the kindergartners in the Republican majority could see the forest for the trees.  We should be passing bills to make the laws we believe must be made rather than to try to finesse and find a compromise on each and every Bill while we fight each other on an ideological battlefield that some see while others wonder why nothing gets done.

Ask yourself, if the Dems were in the majority such as the Republicans have today, would there be any compromising going on? Or would the Republicans look like something run over by the steamroller that flattens blacktop?  We both know the answer.  A tiny group in the Senate who shall go unnamed today ought to be hanging their heads in shame…but they’re apparently not wise enough to comprehend what they do TO you and me while professing to do things FOR us.

Why, then, is it always up to us to find a compromise?  When we go into discussions with that hanging over our collective heads, we are destined to perpetuate the Democrats always finding ways to hamper our quest.

There is a certainty that us Republicans, and especially us Conservatives, will be blamed for anything and everything the Dems can think of to heap upon us.  That is the reality today and we’ll do virtually nothing to make that go away by continually trying to negotiate agreements with the Dems.

If the Dems like the idea of labeling us “extremists”, we really ought to be seizing that mantle as necessary to make new laws and to end old liberal-leaning laws that are on the books causing things to grind along slowly if and when they move at all.

Unless and until we show them the folly of their ways, they’ll perpetuate their current actions or inactions to our detriment while they try to feather their own nests.


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Limbaugh May Be Right…Again

Rush Limbaugh is one of those more polarizing figures in our political world today, and that is a well-earned sobriquet.  He was quoted as saying that “the Republican Party on balance is not with Trump”.  He went on to explain that he thinks “what Bannon is doing is slowly but surely taking over the role of the Republican Party.  The Republican Party is obviously not with Trump on balance – you have some in the House who are – but the Republican Party on balance is not with Trump.”  Bannon is Steve Bannon of Breitbart News with whom we became better acquainted during the Trump campaign and then during his brief sojourn on the White House staff.

Bannon played a significant role in the Trump campaign, did some time in the White House as chief strategist, and then made his exit back into Breitbart News where his style and temperament are far-better suited.  Bannon has again begun to demonstrate his political power.  He went head-to-head with Trump in endorsing the opponent of Sen. Luther Strange (R) in Alabama.  He recently stated that he is targeting three more Republican Senators who will be running for re-election.  Those three are Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska, Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming and Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah.  He has also been seen as going after Republicans Flake (AZ), Heller (NV) and Wicker (MS).

Bannon is obviously working to get more ‘true’ conservatives into the Senate and just may have the clout, knowledge, and wherewithal to help make that happen.  So, as us conservatives have anguished over the “R” party’s relative ignoring of the true conservative persuasion, it appears that things may be changing and for the better from our perspective.

Rush Limbaugh has publicly staked out some turf, and Bannon appears to be doing what Limbaugh has identified.  I doubt that Rush would be so publicly vocal given the reputation he has to protect if he wasn’t at least 95% convinced he was right.  Might the two be working in concert?

Anything is possible in the world of politics as we’ve all come to understand.  I suspect this might well be the unofficial marrying of two personal positions that meld very well together.  These two people have the conservative creds to make waves for mainstream Republicans when they are faced with bona fide conservatives

There is angst in those of us who are more conservative than the Republican Party seems to be, and that may well feed this newly coined “dynamic duo” since Batman and Robin have gone to their resting grounds.

Bannon and Limbaugh make a very potent team, even if it is an ‘unofficial’ team.  This is the way big powerful movements begin, and Lord knows it is high time for a conservative behemoth such as this new “dynamic duo” if us conservatives are to have the place to stand, such as Archimedes sought, from which we can move the world.

If there ever were two people suited to such a movement, official or not, I cannot imagine a better twosome than Rush Limbaugh and Steve Bannon.  Conservatives will continue to gain political clout because the message is right and the time is upon us.

Let us keep fingers crossed!


I am an experienced ghostwriter seeking additional writing assignments.  Business blogs are familiar turf.  Writings of all kinds will be considered.  AP Stylebook observed as desired.  Your inquiries are welcome and I will be happy to provide samples at no cost for your review.  Simply send an email to and we’ll both see where that leads.

A 360-Degree Onslaught…

If you’ve paid any attention to ‘the news’ in the past several months, there is a theme that repeats almost every week, sometimes every day, in one or another form.  The target(s), though, is/are constant.  Donald Trump/members of the First Family is/are the target(s) du jour.

Some days the onslaught is more a broadside while other days it is more insidious, but the constant is that anything and everything Trump is the target.  Another constant is that these shots are fired from anywhere in a 360-degree circle; political party seems to make no difference.  In fact, some of the worst shots originate from the Republicans to the glee of the Dems.  How fortuitous to have your opposition do your dirty work.

This onslaught knows no civilities.  Anyone and anything ‘Trump’ is fair game.  The more insidious, the more vicious, the better.  This is anything but an intellectual attack.  This is visceral and ugly.  Name-calling runs rampant as if the White House and the floor of Congress are nothing more than a lowlife playground beside some decrepit schoolhouse in the inner city.  The antagonists ought to be ashamed, but that seems something that is not possible in the nation’s capitol.  The President is an active participant, unfortunately, but understandably.

The ‘bomb-throwers’ change from day-to-day and even from hour-to-hour.  But the target remains anything Trump.  He invaded their neat little 535 member club and he will not be forgiven for having done so.  He is as much the disrupter in politics as he has been in his development world.

Of course, this plays very nicely in the mainstream media.  Notice that the bomb-throwers are extolled in the mainstream press.  This, obviously, provides the grist for the media mill that runs 24 hours/day.

One can reflect on the Obama era where the kid gloves were always worn and nothing resembling this anti-Trump press warfare was anywhere to be seen.  Obama’s excrement had no odor it seems and still doesn’t.  His two terms were a relative “walk-in-the-park” by comparison to this first year of the Trump Presidency.

Am I suggesting a concerted attack on Trump is underway?  Absolutely.  He is disliked immensely by both the Democrats and the media.  His own party, that would be the Republican Party, whether it likes being so-labeled or not, is a somewhat willing participant by action or by non-action as the case might be.  It is, to my mind, unimaginable to think of the Democrat Party acting in such a manner without regard to whom the Democrat might be.  This just would not be happening.  The press wouldn’t be driving it either.

In the meantime, President Trump is trying to govern.  He has proposed a new 70-point plan that, if given due consideration, would help greatly in the battle over illegal immigrants’ children being permitted residency by virtue of birthplace.  It would provide for funding of The Wall.  It would curb federal grants to ‘sanctuary cities’ and it would enable the restricting of the flow of gang members into the U.S.

All that gets lost in the daily din from the press and Trump’s opponents (some of whom are in the Republican Party).  And that is among the reasons for the constant shots at Trump.

Good things would be happening far more quickly if Congress and the press could get their collective acts together, forget, or at least suppress, their visceral hatred for the President, and work for “We the People” as is our Constitutional expectation.  Even as we reflect on the Obama years, there was never this level of hatred of the man that got in the way of meaningful and healthy legislation.  There was a functioning Congress.  There was a press observing what ought to be observed without being obstructionist.

President Trump was elected in spite of what Hillary Clinton thinks.  The Electoral College did its job in spite of what Hillary Clinton thinks.  We The People decided that we wanted President Trump and that did not come with a dysfunctional Congress aided and abetted by the mainstream media.

A word to Republicans: Get your crap together and begin to do the job we sent you to Washington to do.  And, for those of you who are still smarting from Trump’s victory, get over it.  We put Trump in office intentionally.  This wasn’t an accident.  We want changes made and we want them made in this term.  The fallout for ignoring our votes will not be pretty.  We are tired of sliding down the Democrat’s slippery slope.


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Moonbeam Jerry Brown Redux…

Nearly 80% of Californians, according to the latest survey, oppose policies forbidding cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities.”

So, given that significant majority being against the move to sanctuary cities, etc. what does California’s Governor do?  He signed a bill, SB54, named “The California Values Act” into law.  What does that law do?  It bars essential contact between California law enforcement officers and ICE.  Local jurisdictions now may report the release of convicts being released to ICE but they do so voluntarily.  Under the prevailing law of the land, ICE gets notified and if they see an illegal resident on the list, they are able to apprehend that person.

Governor Brown, tagged with the nickname “Moonbeam”, has defied a significant majority of his state’s residents who had already expressed their positions on illegal immigrants and their presence in California.

This in spite of the facts surrounding illegals.  Most of the crimes committed in Texas, California, and Arizona are federal crimes, connected to illegal aliens.  Once in the country, of course, illegal aliens are free to travel to any state in the contiguous union (every state between the Canadian and Mexican borders).  Moonbeam has not only ‘done a number’ on his home state, but has also done the same to all of us in the remaining contiguous 47.

Sanctuaries seem all the rage in Congress given the fact that a state like California can stick its finger in the eye of the other 47, and Moonbeam has done so.  How long will it be, I wonder, before Moonbeam signs legislation that authorizes these folks to have the vote in California on all issues other than federal seats?  Once that is done, how long will it be before other states emulate California due to public pressure?

Once this thread was pulled (yes, was), there is/was the threat of mass unraveling so far as aliens in our country and the rights extended to them.  You may scoff, but remember that the politicians who back such actions would gather virtually 100% of that newfound electorate’s votes.  This is not as farfetched as it may seem at the moment.  If Moonbeam can cause this to occur in California with 80% opposition, why couldn’t other states follow suit?

Look at our Congress.  How long do you think it might be before the Democrats begin to see this as the new group that will give them a majority?  Look at the slowdown tactics of opponents to the Wall.  Might the prospect of more Moonbean-like initiatives make the Wall even more unlikely?  The media, long a liberal voice, would also be interested in taking up the standard to make this more and more viable until it happens.

It seems that us conservatives have been gifted with the duty of crying wolf these days.  That is most conservatives have the duty of crying wolf.  Some conservative poseurs have little or no heart to become involved as they ought if they were real conservatives.  Among those, unfortunately, is the war-hero conservative poseur from Arizona.  It is a shame to have to call him out, but he has forced that upon himself.  He is also a Senator from a border state and that complicates the issue.  Might he already be playing to that voting bloc?

Our world is not always as it seems at first glance.  But it is those first glances that drive too many of us in this country today.  There is scant little time for most to delve more deeply into the person and the positions espoused.

The double-talk from our Congress requires almost constant vigilance in order to avoid being caught in a scheme contrary to what it sounded as though it would be.  The naming of Bills in the House and the Senate can be effective tools for those who pay little or no attention.  If the name makes something sound good, vote for it.  Unfortunately, not all Bills with great names are great Bills.

Skeptics are defined as people who question the validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual; a person who maintains a doubting attitude, as toward values,  plans, statements, or the character of others.

It is time for each of us to be a bit more skeptical of what we read and hear.  Know your source and any political leaning that may exist.  I am conservative, therefore most everything you see or hear from me will be from the conservative perspective unless I specifically say otherwise…and even then you need to be sure to double check that, as well.

Trust should come only after a period of time where the proof of position has become quite apparent.


I am an experienced ghostwriter seeking additional writing assignments.  Business blogs are familiar turf.  Writings of all kinds will be considered.  AP Stylebook observed as desired.  Your inquiries are welcome and I will be happy to provide samples at no cost for your review.  Simply send an email to and we’ll both see where that leads.


North Korea’s Dictator…

Kim Jong Un continues his belligerent ways seemingly oblivious to what those may reap for him and for his country.  He risks the lives of his countrymen and women and children, but then again those people are mere chattel for him to play with; their lives are already damned given that they live in North Korea and have this childlike idiot as their leader.

The latest ‘stupid emperor trick’ is an apparently planned launch of another long-range ballistic missile on or before this coming Tuesday.  Kim Jong Un has been warned, repeatedly, but appears either oblivious to those warnings or simply has a death wish, somehow believing that would make him something to be worshipped over time.

It might well be that the fact there have been multiple warnings accompanied by occasional sabre-rattling, yet with not a single explosion in his backyard, has him believing he is, in fact, invincible.  Monday is the anniversary of Pyongyang’s original nuclear test which dates back to 2006.  Tuesday of next week commemorates 1945’s establishment of the Worker’s Party of Korea.  These would certainly be key dates in that country’s recent history and would serve as dates that could be further enhanced with Kim Jong Un and his countrymen and women and children surviving yet another bellicose shot over our bow.

It would be to our benefit to curtail this madman’s dreams sooner rather than later.  Each of his self-perceived “victories” over us simply provides him the reassurance that he is impervious to our threats, and that he is truly a protected dictator doing what destiny had in store for him from his first breath.

We do not seem to do well when confronted with such threats even though we are positioned to annihilate the country if we determined that was necessary…which is unlikely.  We have a sense of humanity and we are a God-fearing people.  That combination makes it extremely difficult for us to make judgment calls such as these would be.  We also have a necessary relationship with China which has something of a relationship with North Korea.  So, there are diplomatic feelings which may need to be soothed throughout this back-and-forth between our countries.

We seem to have pretty good intelligence as to where this madman is in his country.  If that were to be deemed sufficiently reliable, we could target the pudgy Kim with precise weaponry and spare the vast majority of North Koreans.  That might serve to get them out-from-under this dictator and provide breathing room for a new leader to emerge with whom civilized discussions could be conducted leading to a more benign North Korea.

I think it is going to be necessary to take some kind of action to eliminate Kim Jung Un, and I’d personally vote to avoid, as much as is possible, a broad destructive hit for the rest of that country.  That could always be done if it were determined the first action hadn’t gotten the job done.

This current back-and-forth simply plays into the dictator’s hands and appears to make him more belligerent rather than less belligerent.  If we continue to ‘humor him’ so to speak, we undercut our own position of strength, as well as our standing with other countries especially in that part of the world.

A good start would be to blow the next missile from the sky, followed by an immediate air attack on his various known palaces.  He needs to know, without any doubts, that his time on this planet is very limited if he continues to tweak our country’s nose.  We can make this action known a few minutes before launch with the major countries of that area, both allies and potential adversaries.

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.


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Almost a Sure Bet…

What is almost a sure bet?  The debate over gun control vs. the Second Amendment rights assuring that people can own guns will continue.  Once again, this virtual certainty shows itself given the horrors unleashed in Las Vegas a few days ago.

Victor J. Blue of the Bloomberg organization posted his thoughts by beginning his piece with this sentence: “I have never understood the conservative fetish for the Second Amendment”.   He continues by saying that “from a law-and-order-standpoint, more guns mean more murder”.  He attacks the essence of the “well-regulated militia” “being necessary to the security of a free State” by saying that more guns mean less safety by comparing the number of accidental firearms deaths (489) to the number of felons killed, likely by law enforcement officers, in the course of committing a felony (268) in 2015.

At the very least, he was kind enough, to admit there are certainly justifiable deaths of felons during their activities.  Accidents will always happen, so that number is basically a false comparison simply designed to cause further doubt for those who have doubt already.  He also, of course, has to label all gun owners as “conservative” since he sees that term as a pejorative.

We are proud to be conservative and we do not avoid gun ownership as do liberals simply because of the simplistic label ‘guns are bad’.  We know better and we take care to use those guns as they were intended the vast, vast majority of the time, truth be told.

Then we have the ode by Leah Libresco from October 3rd bearing the title,“I used to think gun control was the answer.  My research told me otherwise.”  She is an ‘admitted’ statistician so she is in love with numbers.  She and team members from FiveThirtyEight ‘spent three months analyzing all 33,000 lives ended by guns each year in the United States.  She went on to admit her bias when this quest began and she admits that her logic for the policies for which she and her cohorts had lobbied “crumbled”.

She talks about ‘oft-praised’ policies and their failure to impact gun deaths.  She talks about ‘silencers’ and reminds us they do nothing to eliminate the sound of gunshots but do diminish the sound.  She points out that “an AR-15 with a silencer is about as loud as a jackhammer.”  They found that two-thirds of gun deaths in the United States every year are suicides.

They went on to look at gun deaths and found that 1 in 5 were young men killed in homicides and that these deaths were often related to gang loyalties or other street violence.  They also found 1,700 females murdered per year as the result of domestic violence.  I wonder how many males were similarly murdered?  There had to be some but maybe that mentioned would’ve destroyed the theme intended.

The essence boils down to the readily understandable fact that the majority of those deaths would’ve occurred with or without gun control either with illegal guns or other deadly weapons of choice.  Australia’s gun buy-back program has been tried in the U.S. and that essentially failed miserably.  So, while there are guns used for nefarious purposes, that in and of itself will not gather the support necessary to eliminate our rights to own and carry firearms.  If anything, concealed carry likely will continue to gain favor.

Additionally, there seems no substantial appetite to engage in a massive gun grab-back effort and any politician trying to initiate such a grab would likely find him or herself out-of-favor at the polling places all across America.

The idea that all guns ought to be confiscated by the federal government will not likely have sufficient support in our lifetimes, if ever.  We seem, as a people, to recognize that too much government is not good for us.  That is what us conservatives are all about, after all.


I am an experienced ghostwriter seeking additional writing assignments.  Business blogs are familiar turf.  Writings of all kinds will be considered.  AP Style observed if desired.  Your inquiries are welcome and I will be happy to provide samples at no cost for your review.  Simply send an email to and we’ll both see where that leads.