Giuliani on Comey…

Rudy Giuliani made no bones about what he thought of James Comey during his visit with Sean Hannity Wednesday evening.  Given that Giuliani is part of President Trump’s legal team now, that is probably not earth-shaking news…but the level of his vitriol seems to be elevated and most sincere.

Giuliani said that he wished he had never hired Comey when he brought him into the U.S. Attorney’s office in the ’80s.  He said that he has an open mind so far as “Bob Mueller”, but “I know Comey much better, and I have the indignity of unfortunately having hired him for his first big job.  And. I’m embarrassed that I hired him.”

Guiliani also had the ‘pleasure’ of being cited in Comey’s book. “A Higher Loyalty” where Comey wrote, “There was something of an unwritten code about working in the office of Rudy Giuliani”.  “In his (Giuliani’s) case, the message was that Rudy was the star at the top and the successes of the office flowed in his direction.  You violated this code at your peril”.

Sounds like a bit of a ‘love fest’ between two people who had egos while only one was in the top spot at the time.  That is the way of the world.  Those of us working for a boss, know, or should know, that the boss gets the glory outside the office and elsewhere within the organization while taking care of those who make that possible.  The understanding is that this is part of the internal politics in most organizations.

President Trump’s retaining Giuliani might well have happened in part, large part, because of this antagonistic relationship Giuliani has with Comey.  The assumption would be that Comey likely still has strong similar feelings for Giuliani.  These are two very strong egos, both of which are now part of the dance with an even stronger ego, in President Trump, if it is possible for an ego to be stronger than that of the two now jousting with one and other.

President Trump seems a very astute judge of character, and he also seems accustomed to winning far more often than losing.  The writing on the wall at the moment would seem to be saying:  President Trump is in the position of power and he will win out in this battle of wills, while he takes a few hits as these two bulls dance in the flower beds around the White House.

It seems, from where I sit, that Comey loses a bit of ground every day whether or not he knows that, while the President stays reasonably aloof as his hired minions work their individual magic in his behalf.  Comey seems to be essentially an unlikeable man who is doing nothing to overcome that issue with the public.

I will not be at all surprised if Comey oversteps his charge in his zealousness to win this battle at all costs.  Comey really is not very likable.  Giuliani has the ability to show a charming side when he feels that is appropriate while still being able to bare his fangs as that may be required.

We are still, unfortunately, in the early rounds of this epic fight.  We know we have a President who brought a lot of baggage along with him.  We also, for the most part, know that our President is a very bright guy who knows the art of deal-making which is a very important tool in the Oval Office.  Other than for a band-aid or two occasionally showing, I have to believe that President Trump emerges from this battle intact, or at last reasonably intact, and still our President…albeit with a few more bruises and an even more staunch Democrat Party aiming at thwarting any and all of Trump’s initiatives.

You or I would be cringing and trying to avoid anyone we knew.  Trump is holding forth through the storm…no pun intended.

I expect the Dems to lose face, again, in the final analysis, even though that shouldn’t occur given this set of players and this set of issues.

White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Have you ever pondered the words vile and evil, and noted how they use the same letters?  Vile was the word that came to mind most readily when the White House Correspondents’ Dinner is thought about.  I have not watched this ugly festival aimed by the press at the occupants of the White House.  Nor will I plan to given its terrible episode of last weekend.

I did see clips that turned my stomach.  I saw a vile person who was actually evil in her treatment of people sitting on the dais as they tried to be the adults in the room since those seemed in very short supply.  A supposed comedien, whose name is redacted for the sake of less publicity, was the primary source of humorous venom which was laughed at, somewhat lamely at times, by those in attendance…the press correspondents and guests who make their living by covering the White House.

This was simply DISGUSTING.  Those in attendance, because they wanted to attend, ought to be taking some very serious looks at self.  Those in attendance, because they were told to attend, ought to be talking with whoever made that decision and asking for special dispensation from ALL future White House Correspondent Dinners unless or until the filth that was to appear as humor is expunged from the agenda.

The hero of the evening was Sarah Huckabee Sanders who was seated on the dais in full view of all attendees and who took the brunt of the filth emanating from the performing jerks’ mouth.

Somewhere along the lineage of press people, the gene pool has produced some misfits who, in turn, see fit to employ other misfits who struggle mightily to be humorous.  This annual shi_storm ought to be killed off and stay dead unless or until adults can put it back together again in the fashion that ought to prevail at such an august gathering.

Humor can be cutting and still be humor.  This garbage was anything but funny, anything but humor; it was filthy (some would say ‘risque’) and was cutting to the point that, were I a guest in that audience, I would have stood and left the room.  And, were I in any way, shape or form responsible for the selection of this vile person who chose to spit her venom instead of being humorous, I would be apologizing in  BOLD CAPS to any and all who would hear me out.  And, had I any personal power, this person would find work pretty scarce for quite a while unless she wanted to appear at a hole-in-the-wall tavern outside some small burg in mid-America.

And, once again, Sarah Huckabee rose to the top with her poise and a steady core of Christian strength in the face of evil in the form of a person who wouldn’t know humor if it bit her on the nose.

Finally, if I were President, I’d be giving serious thought to killing off the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, at least as a White House-sponsored event until the organizers could assure me this crap would not occur again…ever!  At the least, I’d have to let each and every editor of all publications whose reporters were in attendance know that I didn’t appreciate this hate-filled spewing and advise that personal availability to their people might suffer in the future.

There are some ugly creatures lurking in the place we call The Swamp.

Does Combat Equal Conservative?

Wisconsinites have a bit of a dilemma on their hands given that one of the candidates on the ticket for U.S. Senate is a former combat Marine who has declared himself a conservative.  The other is a woman who has earned her conservative bonafides through her work in the political trenches in Wisconsin.

Kevin Nicholson is the former Marine and Leah Vukmir is the woman who has been in the political game for some time and who bills herself as a conservative.  She has a record that upholds her claim.  He doesn’t.  He admits he was a Democrat at one time but claims that changed in part as he found himself in combat.  Just that simple, or is it?

I know Vukmir is conservative.  I do not know if Nicholson is a conservative or simply chose that label.  I do know he was heavily involved in the Democrat party while in college and that he was a staunch backer of Al Gore’s presidential candidacy.  I have the utmost respect for his military background.  And not so much given his support for Al Gore who is only slightly better than Barack Obama in my book…because Obama was so bad.

Does combat equal conservative?  In some cases yes but that does not always have to be the case.  There are thousands and thousands of Democrats who have stellar combat records, and that did not cause any of them that I know of to become conservative.  Given his backing of and support for Al Gore, I will not be able to take his word for now being a conservative.  That, as I remember Al Gore and his stands on issues, is simply too big a leap for me in terms of making one a conservative while in combat.

If Mr. Nicholson is truly a conservative, I look forward to his involvement in the conservative political world but want that assurance before taking his word for his allegiance.  I do not, by any stretch of the imagination, mean to denigrate his military service.  I value that in him no matter his political persuasion…but I’d vote for him if I knew there was ample evidence of his claimed conservative credentials.  Maybe the next time around there will be ample evidence.  If so he would certainly get a very solid look from me for my vote.

But, for now, at least, Leah Vukmir is my choice.  I know where her heart and her mind are politically.  That having been said, I earnestly hope I will see somewhere before the next election in Wisconsin after this that Kevin Nicholson has earned conservative creds I can accept as valid.


Mueller’s Questions Leaked?

The responsibility for Mueller’s questions being leaked can rest with one person and one person only:  Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  The idea that he has not yet posed the questions that are mysteriously appearing in public, and that since they did it must be Trump’s fault is farcical.

This witch hunt by Mueller has taken on grotesque proportions wherein leaks are played out to the press by the people who know the questions, and while the unfriendly-to-Trump members of the press (which is the vast majority) gleefully accept the leaks and publish them like good little accomplices.

Mueller is running the show; he makes no bones about what a tough guy he is so we ought to be able to rely on him and his toughness to prevent these leaks from occurring.

Trump’s Tweet: So disgraceful that the questions concerning the Russian Witch Hunt were “leaked” to the media.  No questions on Collusion.  Oh, I see…you have a made up, phony crime, Collusion, that never existed, and an investigation begun with illegally leaked classified information.  Nice!” 

If there were just one news editor who had the courage and who didn’t hate Trump so much, this crap could be laid at Mueller’s doorstep.  There are supposedly laws protecting this information and yet, it seems that the law was broken in the effort to hamstring President Trump and/or to cause him to somehow seem to be in violation of the laws broken by the legal team.

There is only one person who should have had full and complete control if he is as good at this as we are led to believe, therefore that one person has the responsibility to keep confidential information confidential.

When will the media seek answers from Special Counsel Robert Mueller?

Or, is the media simply having fun watching this happen knowing full well it is illegal and, or at the very least, certainly grossly unfair to the supposed target?  Mueller can certainly screw up his reputation quickly…at the expense of a person he seems not to have much time for…and so far has gotten away scot-free.

Thanks, media.  Thanks, Special Counsel.

Swamp Draining: 101

We seldom go for a day without hearing the phrase: “Drain the Swamp”.  We seem to expect that the people who populate the Swamp are somehow going to decide that there really is a problem and that ‘draining the swamp’ is an absolute necessity.

Okay.  Who is going to make that happen?  A brief piece put out by the John Birch Society (JBS) yesterday sums this effort up quite succinctly with a quote from our former President Garfield:

Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress.  If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption.  If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature.

You and I are the people who are going to make draining the swamp happen if that task is to be undertaken and completed.  We are the employers of those we send to Washington, D.C.  If we do not believe those people are doing the job we sent them there to do, we have the right and the opportunity to replace them.  Garfield was our President from March 1881 until later in that year when he was assassinated.  Maybe he was assassinated because of his views about Congress, even the Congress our country had in 1881.

There is a phrase that says “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  That apparently was as true in 1881 as it is today.  If we expect that our elected members of Congress will do as the majority of us want, we have the responsibility to impress upon them the absolute necessity of doing that job and of doing it before almost anything else is done.

The John Birch Society is pledging that it will take a leadership role and is inviting citizens to sign on for the battle.  I know that members of the JBS have historically been portrayed as the “wingnuts” of conservatism by those who oppose the JBS perspective on issues.  It strikes me that this organization has the right take on draining the swamp and it also seems to have the right mentality to make it very, very uncomfortable for those members of Congress who fail to hear us,  the citizens who send them to Congress year after year.

A majority of us, if I do not miss my guess, is demanding the swamp be drained.  We do not necessarily have to become members of this or that organization although an organization which has dedicated its very existence to this battle probably is going to be more diligent than each of us as individuals.  We get accustomed to the burr under our saddle after a day or two and things go on as usual.  An organization dedicated to the goal has more compulsion to stay with the battle.

One way or the other, this battle is ours and it will only be won if we fight it vigorously.  Multiple contacts from residents of every Congressional District in the United States is part of what these kinds of efforts require in order to keep our member of Congress focused on our demands.

Many of them seem to have recognized a certain unrest in the voting population so this kind of mission might resonate now where it fell on deaf ears a couple of years or more ago.  Make contact with your member of Congress and be blunt about your demands.

This need has been recognized since 1881and likely before since Garfield ran on this theme!  Isn’t it finally about time for us to draw that line in the sand and make sure that the population of the federal swamp, all of Congress and the President get the point.  This is an ideal time for such a movement to be rekindled given President Trump in the Oval Office.

This is only about 137 years overdue.

Dems & Weed…

Rachel Lu writes a piece today titled “Why America will regret legalizing marijuana” and the first paragraph reads as follows:

The Democrats have a new moral crusade.  It’s youth-oriented and free of identity politics.  It’s got nothing to do with Trump, or Russia.  Today’s Democrats are fighting for your right to get baked.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) has brought the Marijuana Justice Act to the party.  This, if passed, would decriminalize marijuana and also expunge earlier marijuana-related convictions.  Light up and enjoy without any law to thwart your fun.  He is part of a Democrat group that touts the economic and moral benefits that will flow from his proposed law.

Lu then goes on to help us all see this is not just a Democrat issue these days.  She reminds us that President Trump has declared his willingness to protect states that have legalized pot.  John Boehner, a former Republican House member who decried marijuana then, now sits on the Board of a company that markets cannabis.  Of course, the Colorado marijuana market that is now measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars in just the first 5 years is also mentioned.  Failure to mention the fact that in five years Colorado has seen the proliferation of ‘dispensaries’, a huge increase in pot ‘tourism’ and the growing numbers of homeless addicts.

Politicians can see where this all is going and they have never refused to climb aboard any vehicle that means more votes before this, and are unlikely to begin now.  Proponents point to the tens of thousands of jobs that have sprung up in Colorado as further ‘proof’ of why we have to get onboard before this train has left the station.

A solid majority of Americans now support the legalization of Marijuana.  The younger voters are very supportive and the politicos are not too keen on blowing up that marketplace consisting of more and more votes.

Our society today struggles with holding down jobs, maintaining healthy living habits, managing personal relationships and handling money capably.  The numbers of young marrieds are falling.  Given this backdrop, we find Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer using lines like ‘using pot doesn’t hurt anyone else’ or extolling the virtues of legalization in Colorado and Washinton states.  He seems to be unaware of Colorado’s significant increase in automobile accidents since pot became legal.

We are occasional visitors to Colorado and, given that, we see effects maybe more quickly than some residents might.  Especially if those residents benefit somehow from the legalization of Marijuana without thinking of the negative consequences it has on users and, then, on the citizens who have to deal with the potheads and the residue left behind.  The additional revenue may be nice, but the price that has for residents is not being taken into account sufficiently.

History tells us that as we increase the availability of opioids, the issues become magnified.  This is not some secret that has only recently surfaced.  There is little to indicate that this will not follow in the world of marijuana users especially when that doesn’t fill the need of the addict any longer and causes them to graduate to something stronger.

And those matriculation ceremonies happen every day in varying numbers of people who make that next move and forsake any hope they might’ve had at one time of being a normal, productive member of society.

Rachel Lu concluded her piece with this:

Here’s another lesson from the opioids.  When indigent populations are suffering, the rest of the nation can be awfully slow to notice.  Many thousands had died of opium overdoses before America started to consider that it had a bit of a drug problem. That’s not going to happen with pot, which is far less likely to kill you.  But if it took thousands to persuade authorities that OxyContin was a problem, how much havoc would marijuana have to wreak on indigent citizens and families before anyone would bother to reconsider the wisdom of legalization?  How many kids will have to be removed from their families because their addicted parents can’t quite get around to feeding them or taking them to school?  How many young adults will watch social lives and career plans disappear into the vortex of addiction, while their parents watch despondently?  These sorts of cases might not appear on Schumer’s radar, because he’s more interested in courting young voters and securing state revenues.  It’s these kinds of cases that should remind us, though, that there’s no such thing as a victimless, self-destructive habit.  Innocent people always get hurt.


Gowdy vs. Comey…

Fox’s Tucker Carlson interviewed Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) on Thursday evening and got a different take on former FBI Director James Comey’s version of the truth, “all but calling him a liar” in the process of the interview about Comey being fired by President Trump.

Gowdy is one of my favorite Republicans and one of my favorite Congressmen.  As a former federal prosecutor, Gowdy has a certain sense about him that we might call a ‘falsehood sniffer’ (BS sniffer might also fit).  He senses when things aren’t quite being presented in total context and calls people out for playing those kinds of word games.

Among the things that provoked Gowdy was the denial that he, Comey, had engaged in “leaking” when he gave information in the form of memos he had written about his meetings with President Trump to a friend in order to have them published in The New York Times.  Gowdy told Tucker Carlson…

“the other thing that I will tell you, Tucker, that I learned tonight is Jim Comey has a definition of the word ‘leak’ that no one else has.  What he says is a leak is what the rest of us call a felony, Gowdy said.  Leaking is disclosing a confidential conversation which is exactly what he did.” 

Gowdy’s experience as a federal prosecutor puts him in a different league than most members of the House, and in a different league so far as being bamboozled (my term) by Comey’s pontifications.  While Comey has some allies with whom he can apparently be the schmoozer-in-chief, that does not seem to work well with Rep. Gowdey who has played hardball in that league before sitting in the House.

All this goes along in the world of “The Swamp”, the District of Columbia, where people seem to breathe a rarified air that makes lying okay if done with good intent, as that good intent is defined by the perpetrator.  Were you or I to make such statements, we would be assailed as we ought to be assailed.  If, however, a member of the Swamp Society who is held in good graces by the right people decides to lie about a few things or disclose things that were to be held in confidence, that ought not to be cause for any concern even though it adversely affects one or more innocent people.

The first real concern I have, and that I think is shared by many, is the simple fact that there are more people who gullibly consume this garbage as fact than anyone can count…and these people all have the same weight to their votes that you and I have to our votes.

Another real concern I have is that this is accepted as proper practice by the members of one political party.  That party has more skeletons in its proverbial closet than the other party has closets.  I also will continue to believe that the people in the conservative world of politics are significantly more capable of being discerning than are the members of the other political party, the people of the liberal persuasion. I am certain many will disagree.

All this misapplication/misappropriation of printer’s ink and TV airtime acts in collusion with the liberal element in our U.S. political world.  That is why it is so very important for conservatives to voice their opinions, and to do so repeatedly.  I have to constantly remind myself that members of the liberal persuasion are simply seeing things through their distorted lenses and are, for the very most part, really good caring people.

There are many shades of right and many shades of wrong in politics today; that is not any different than it was yesterday but the wrong message has been fed along with government largess to many who consequently do not give any real thought to for whom they’ll vote next election.  They get from one political party and they, therefore, vote for that party.  If that is to change, we have generations of changes to be made…and we are playing against a very tough opponent.

Redistribution of OPM is magic.  Other People’s Money!