No Trump In California?

Governor Gavin Newsom of the Great State of California has just decided his ‘peeps’ don’t need no stinkin’ Trump on their ballots.  He has just signed a Bill which is aimed at keeping President Trump off the ballots in California in the next national elections.  I have no idea, as I presume he has no idea, of just how much chance he has of being able to enforce this law to supersede the Feds in a national election.

This is a vivid example of what political cranks can do to muck up the world.  This Bill bars any candidate from their statewide ballots if they refuse to publicly release the most recent five years of their tax filings according to Freedom News.  It targets primary election races instead of general election races.

By keeping this as a “state” issue, the obvious hope is that the Feds will not be able to step in, and Trump, presumably refusing to comply with the state requirement, would be excluded from the California ballot since he didn’t participate in the state’s primary election.

There are a lot of votes to be had in California, and there could be a situation where the absence of that number would be sufficient to swing a national race.  There has always been, from previous indications, a real effort by California officials to keep the Feds from even exploring their state’s systems of vote tabulation, etc.

This reputation for California would seem to have already brought a very extensive review administered by the Feds, but there apparently must be something keeping that from occurring.  That “something” might prove an interesting subject to be explored.

California has enjoyed being a significant source of influence in national races historically, but Trump has overseen tax code changes that have caused “a mass exodus of billionaires” and state tax revenues have suffered.  There is a reputation for illegals being given the vote by this state assuming the votes would be “properly” cast.

With President Trump sealing our borders, the influx of new illegals to cast votes in California will be diminished.  And that apparently could affect national races.  Sealing the border would put a stop to the growth of the number of illegal votes, and, over the long haul, that could change the voting complexion of a very large state.

All this also affects the money California has to play with, and they have been getting into deeper “do-do” annually and can ill-afford to see a revenue stream closed or severely reduced.

It is “stuff” like this that makes one wonder; another reason to re-elect President Trump may have just been given us Americans.