The Curmudgeon Is Moving…

I have studied the possibility of making some changes in this blog to improve the overall appearance, the numbers of hits it receives from readers, and the potential for a more robust site.

The new name is planned to be The Curmudgeon Writes and I will move the blog to the Google Blogger site which is a very robust, great looking site for bloggers.  It was amazing to see the number of bloggers, active or retired but still holding naming rights, who have used “Curmudgeon” as part of their blog title.  The bulk of those are no longer active but those naming rights are still held should those people return to blogging.

As soon as that is finalized later today, I will communicate the final name (in case someone beat me to this name) and how to log on to the new blog site.  I hope, and think, you will be pleased with the change you see.  The tools available are robust and I will have to learn how best to employ them as quickly as possible. The appearance is significantly improved over the platform I’ve been using.

This blog has become an essential part of me over the time it has been alive.  I appreciate all the readers who have followed it and I hope there will be more and more as the new site is populated six days a week with a blog.  I have had no way of determining the actual number of readers the blog has attracted in the past and will have that ability in this new world.  I may be pleasantly surprised or saddened, but that is the chance that has to be taken.

The new address for the blog is intended to be:

As soon as that is confirmed later today, I will communicate it on this site…likely the last use of this old site.  Thanks to each of you for reading this version.  I hope you’ll make the move to the new version along with me.



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