Unfettered Power…

Unfettered power is also defined as unrestrained power, and this was what a wise Judge questioned providing to the very special Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, who is on the hunt to bring down our President.

That is the end game for Mueller…to bring down President Donald Trump, our duly elected President of the United States of America.  Mueller currently has Paul Manafort in his grip and is trying to get a Judge to authorize him to do anything he desires to threaten Manafort in order to be able to make him testify against President Trump.

So far the Judge has refused to give in to Mueller and has told him he, the Judge, knows that Mueller is trying to topple the President with his hopes of destroying Manafort to force him to testify against the President.

Can you even begin to imagine the outcry from the left if these tactics had been in use by a Special Prosecutor whose aim was directed at the destruction of then-President Barack Obama?  Of course not.  That would’ve been unthinkable…even for Conservatives…since Obama was a duly-elected President of the United States of America.

I know that liberals will say that if he had done what Trump is alleged to have done, they would’ve supported that action.  We all know, even the liberals know, that is B.S.

As conservatives, we have become accustomed to being scoffed at, to being ridiculed, to being relegated to the scrap heap of history only to rise up periodically to point out the folly of liberals.  The liberals conveniently forget President Reagan, as well as conveniently forgetting the in-office follies of then-President Barack Obama.  We need not go back so far as President Clinton.

They cheer Obama’s behind-the-scenes out-of-office efforts that have launched an organization the power of which will dwarf anything dreamed up to date by former political chieftains.  The ‘grassroots lobbying’ machine that has been constructed by the Obamas is a frightening look at the seizure of power through the use of modern communications media that uses the general populace as the warriors for the movement.

Our attention is diverted through the antics of the liberals still in power who know full well what they’re doing is buying the Obama Machine time to grow their grassroots machine into a political steamroller.  The Muellers of the political world serve Obama well in that these diversionary tactics draw what scant attention the press would usually pay to Democrat shenanigans away from the Obama family and its well-formed machine that had to have been conceived well before he left office.

The Muellers of D.C. world serve well in keeping the attention on what they seem to perceive as the evil empire of Donald Trump.  Every once in awhile we see a Judge who hasn’t sold out to the liberals stand up to the likes of Robert Mueller who has apparently taken his appointment as the bequeathing of power to destroy the sitting President…no matter what that might take.

This is not what we want to leave for our children and their children, but this is what is being built steadily, day-in and day-out, as the liberals do their level-best to take down President Trump no matter what.  Robert Mueller is the latest tool, the latest weapon in the liberal arsenal, and he is well-suited to the job he was assigned.

Unfettered power is the Devil’s tool, and he will find those who believe in the use of such unfettered power at his beck and call.  Washington, D.C. is awash with such people.  We see them on news broadcasts daily.  We see them on the daily talk shows.  We read their screeds in liberal publications.

Unfettered power in anyone’s hands is dangerous for we all are human and we have human weaknesses.  We see that on display daily from the heart of our democracy and some of us weep silently and work against it while others seem to take great joy in what they’ve wrought.

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