Giuliani on Comey…

Rudy Giuliani made no bones about what he thought of James Comey during his visit with Sean Hannity Wednesday evening.  Given that Giuliani is part of President Trump’s legal team now, that is probably not earth-shaking news…but the level of his vitriol seems to be elevated and most sincere.

Giuliani said that he wished he had never hired Comey when he brought him into the U.S. Attorney’s office in the ’80s.  He said that he has an open mind so far as “Bob Mueller”, but “I know Comey much better, and I have the indignity of unfortunately having hired him for his first big job.  And. I’m embarrassed that I hired him.”

Guiliani also had the ‘pleasure’ of being cited in Comey’s book. “A Higher Loyalty” where Comey wrote, “There was something of an unwritten code about working in the office of Rudy Giuliani”.  “In his (Giuliani’s) case, the message was that Rudy was the star at the top and the successes of the office flowed in his direction.  You violated this code at your peril”.

Sounds like a bit of a ‘love fest’ between two people who had egos while only one was in the top spot at the time.  That is the way of the world.  Those of us working for a boss, know, or should know, that the boss gets the glory outside the office and elsewhere within the organization while taking care of those who make that possible.  The understanding is that this is part of the internal politics in most organizations.

President Trump’s retaining Giuliani might well have happened in part, large part, because of this antagonistic relationship Giuliani has with Comey.  The assumption would be that Comey likely still has strong similar feelings for Giuliani.  These are two very strong egos, both of which are now part of the dance with an even stronger ego, in President Trump, if it is possible for an ego to be stronger than that of the two now jousting with one and other.

President Trump seems a very astute judge of character, and he also seems accustomed to winning far more often than losing.  The writing on the wall at the moment would seem to be saying:  President Trump is in the position of power and he will win out in this battle of wills, while he takes a few hits as these two bulls dance in the flower beds around the White House.

It seems, from where I sit, that Comey loses a bit of ground every day whether or not he knows that, while the President stays reasonably aloof as his hired minions work their individual magic in his behalf.  Comey seems to be essentially an unlikeable man who is doing nothing to overcome that issue with the public.

I will not be at all surprised if Comey oversteps his charge in his zealousness to win this battle at all costs.  Comey really is not very likable.  Giuliani has the ability to show a charming side when he feels that is appropriate while still being able to bare his fangs as that may be required.

We are still, unfortunately, in the early rounds of this epic fight.  We know we have a President who brought a lot of baggage along with him.  We also, for the most part, know that our President is a very bright guy who knows the art of deal-making which is a very important tool in the Oval Office.  Other than for a band-aid or two occasionally showing, I have to believe that President Trump emerges from this battle intact, or at last reasonably intact, and still our President…albeit with a few more bruises and an even more staunch Democrat Party aiming at thwarting any and all of Trump’s initiatives.

You or I would be cringing and trying to avoid anyone we knew.  Trump is holding forth through the storm…no pun intended.

I expect the Dems to lose face, again, in the final analysis, even though that shouldn’t occur given this set of players and this set of issues.

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