White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Have you ever pondered the words vile and evil, and noted how they use the same letters?  Vile was the word that came to mind most readily when the White House Correspondents’ Dinner is thought about.  I have not watched this ugly festival aimed by the press at the occupants of the White House.  Nor will I plan to given its terrible episode of last weekend.

I did see clips that turned my stomach.  I saw a vile person who was actually evil in her treatment of people sitting on the dais as they tried to be the adults in the room since those seemed in very short supply.  A supposed comedien, whose name is redacted for the sake of less publicity, was the primary source of humorous venom which was laughed at, somewhat lamely at times, by those in attendance…the press correspondents and guests who make their living by covering the White House.

This was simply DISGUSTING.  Those in attendance, because they wanted to attend, ought to be taking some very serious looks at self.  Those in attendance, because they were told to attend, ought to be talking with whoever made that decision and asking for special dispensation from ALL future White House Correspondent Dinners unless or until the filth that was to appear as humor is expunged from the agenda.

The hero of the evening was Sarah Huckabee Sanders who was seated on the dais in full view of all attendees and who took the brunt of the filth emanating from the performing jerks’ mouth.

Somewhere along the lineage of press people, the gene pool has produced some misfits who, in turn, see fit to employ other misfits who struggle mightily to be humorous.  This annual shi_storm ought to be killed off and stay dead unless or until adults can put it back together again in the fashion that ought to prevail at such an august gathering.

Humor can be cutting and still be humor.  This garbage was anything but funny, anything but humor; it was filthy (some would say ‘risque’) and was cutting to the point that, were I a guest in that audience, I would have stood and left the room.  And, were I in any way, shape or form responsible for the selection of this vile person who chose to spit her venom instead of being humorous, I would be apologizing in  BOLD CAPS to any and all who would hear me out.  And, had I any personal power, this person would find work pretty scarce for quite a while unless she wanted to appear at a hole-in-the-wall tavern outside some small burg in mid-America.

And, once again, Sarah Huckabee rose to the top with her poise and a steady core of Christian strength in the face of evil in the form of a person who wouldn’t know humor if it bit her on the nose.

Finally, if I were President, I’d be giving serious thought to killing off the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, at least as a White House-sponsored event until the organizers could assure me this crap would not occur again…ever!  At the least, I’d have to let each and every editor of all publications whose reporters were in attendance know that I didn’t appreciate this hate-filled spewing and advise that personal availability to their people might suffer in the future.

There are some ugly creatures lurking in the place we call The Swamp.

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