Does Combat Equal Conservative?

Wisconsinites have a bit of a dilemma on their hands given that one of the candidates on the ticket for U.S. Senate is a former combat Marine who has declared himself a conservative.  The other is a woman who has earned her conservative bonafides through her work in the political trenches in Wisconsin.

Kevin Nicholson is the former Marine and Leah Vukmir is the woman who has been in the political game for some time and who bills herself as a conservative.  She has a record that upholds her claim.  He doesn’t.  He admits he was a Democrat at one time but claims that changed in part as he found himself in combat.  Just that simple, or is it?

I know Vukmir is conservative.  I do not know if Nicholson is a conservative or simply chose that label.  I do know he was heavily involved in the Democrat party while in college and that he was a staunch backer of Al Gore’s presidential candidacy.  I have the utmost respect for his military background.  And not so much given his support for Al Gore who is only slightly better than Barack Obama in my book…because Obama was so bad.

Does combat equal conservative?  In some cases yes but that does not always have to be the case.  There are thousands and thousands of Democrats who have stellar combat records, and that did not cause any of them that I know of to become conservative.  Given his backing of and support for Al Gore, I will not be able to take his word for now being a conservative.  That, as I remember Al Gore and his stands on issues, is simply too big a leap for me in terms of making one a conservative while in combat.

If Mr. Nicholson is truly a conservative, I look forward to his involvement in the conservative political world but want that assurance before taking his word for his allegiance.  I do not, by any stretch of the imagination, mean to denigrate his military service.  I value that in him no matter his political persuasion…but I’d vote for him if I knew there was ample evidence of his claimed conservative credentials.  Maybe the next time around there will be ample evidence.  If so he would certainly get a very solid look from me for my vote.

But, for now, at least, Leah Vukmir is my choice.  I know where her heart and her mind are politically.  That having been said, I earnestly hope I will see somewhere before the next election in Wisconsin after this that Kevin Nicholson has earned conservative creds I can accept as valid.


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