Gowdy vs. Comey…

Fox’s Tucker Carlson interviewed Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) on Thursday evening and got a different take on former FBI Director James Comey’s version of the truth, “all but calling him a liar” in the process of the interview about Comey being fired by President Trump.

Gowdy is one of my favorite Republicans and one of my favorite Congressmen.  As a former federal prosecutor, Gowdy has a certain sense about him that we might call a ‘falsehood sniffer’ (BS sniffer might also fit).  He senses when things aren’t quite being presented in total context and calls people out for playing those kinds of word games.

Among the things that provoked Gowdy was the denial that he, Comey, had engaged in “leaking” when he gave information in the form of memos he had written about his meetings with President Trump to a friend in order to have them published in The New York Times.  Gowdy told Tucker Carlson…

“the other thing that I will tell you, Tucker, that I learned tonight is Jim Comey has a definition of the word ‘leak’ that no one else has.  What he says is a leak is what the rest of us call a felony, Gowdy said.  Leaking is disclosing a confidential conversation which is exactly what he did.” 

Gowdy’s experience as a federal prosecutor puts him in a different league than most members of the House, and in a different league so far as being bamboozled (my term) by Comey’s pontifications.  While Comey has some allies with whom he can apparently be the schmoozer-in-chief, that does not seem to work well with Rep. Gowdey who has played hardball in that league before sitting in the House.

All this goes along in the world of “The Swamp”, the District of Columbia, where people seem to breathe a rarified air that makes lying okay if done with good intent, as that good intent is defined by the perpetrator.  Were you or I to make such statements, we would be assailed as we ought to be assailed.  If, however, a member of the Swamp Society who is held in good graces by the right people decides to lie about a few things or disclose things that were to be held in confidence, that ought not to be cause for any concern even though it adversely affects one or more innocent people.

The first real concern I have, and that I think is shared by many, is the simple fact that there are more people who gullibly consume this garbage as fact than anyone can count…and these people all have the same weight to their votes that you and I have to our votes.

Another real concern I have is that this is accepted as proper practice by the members of one political party.  That party has more skeletons in its proverbial closet than the other party has closets.  I also will continue to believe that the people in the conservative world of politics are significantly more capable of being discerning than are the members of the other political party, the people of the liberal persuasion. I am certain many will disagree.

All this misapplication/misappropriation of printer’s ink and TV airtime acts in collusion with the liberal element in our U.S. political world.  That is why it is so very important for conservatives to voice their opinions, and to do so repeatedly.  I have to constantly remind myself that members of the liberal persuasion are simply seeing things through their distorted lenses and are, for the very most part, really good caring people.

There are many shades of right and many shades of wrong in politics today; that is not any different than it was yesterday but the wrong message has been fed along with government largess to many who consequently do not give any real thought to for whom they’ll vote next election.  They get from one political party and they, therefore, vote for that party.  If that is to change, we have generations of changes to be made…and we are playing against a very tough opponent.

Redistribution of OPM is magic.  Other People’s Money!

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