Good Deeds & Blogging for Dummies

I picked up the library copy of Blogging for Dummies, thinking it might still be a little too deep for me, and then took an older lady and her husband to a medical appointment which was very beneficial, both for her and for me.  A point for those who know me well; I know that at age 76, I must be hanging around with people considerably older if I refer to them as older than me.  Point taken.

The waiting room was filled and the rate of patient reduction seemed stagnant for a good while, so I read my book Blogging for Dummies while trying to obscure the cover so that others in the waiting room wouldn’t knowingly look at me and sort of give me that sad and sympathetic head-shake and wonder why I was not in the waiting room of another kind of physician awaiting my turn at the counseling trough.

First, I think the _____ for Dummies realm is a real goldmine.  And, I think for those of us who can overcome pride and ego, there is a good deal to be learned from those experts who try their best to make some of this lingo translate into information even I can use; hence the “for Dummies” title.  I now know, for example, that my current accumulation of knowledge on the whole Blogging thing is pitifully lightweight; so, I’ll dig deeper and deeper hoping the words don’t keep getting bigger and bigger as well as simply more difficult to interpret.

I am using one of the top three or four blogging software packages, by benevolent accident I might add, that were designed to accommodate people like me who were tech novices and who thought they might have knowledge accumulated that ought to be made available to others…hence the blogging idea.  I have learned already that I am using one of the better host packages, as I said, which was comforting and that I am not quite as erudite on the topic of blogging as I might’ve hoped.

If you follow my blogs, you know that I usually publish a blog a day six days a week.  Now I learn that there are bloggers who publish double-digit multiple times per week.  I suspect their blogs are more snippets than tomes, but still, they have come up with the subject matter to fill spaces.  Those bloggers also have cultivated an active cadre of commenters; and, I don’t know which came first, but probably the hungry audience.

I learned that there are very successful bloggers who are posting multiple times per day albeit posting shorter snippets.  Many intersperse their words with pictures, charts, graphs, etc. which is not what I had wanted to do when I began blogging.  I learned that bloggers can be more effective if they encourage back-and-forth give-and-take with readers interacting.

I learned that I am using what to most would be one of the top three blogging tools (WordPress) as my hosting site, as mentioned above, and that there are a couple of others that I might want to explore a bit given added/different features.  I think, for example, that one of the other two in the top three would’ve permitted me to have avoided a problem I encountered two or three days ago.  Time will tell.

The idea of advertising on blogs is, of course, intriguing if I thought it could be done in good taste without me looking like nothing more than a money-grubbing blogger who is in it for a buck rather than because he is driven to write.  It would be great if the Blogs were self-supporting.  I also learned that bloggers with active commenters engaging in back-and-forth banter/commentary typically have higher levels of readership blog-for-blog.   I suspect that content would be critical in that area, so I am not overly concerned with my reader counts since they continue to improve regularly.

Finally, I was pleased to see a section devoted to blogging in the business world and to learn that those blogs often surpass regular blogs in terms of viewership.  I do some of that kind of thing and may think of additional clients provided I do not water down my available time and ideas for actual current clients.  Baby steps rather than giant leaps in this arena.  But it does pay off on both ends: the blogger and the client firm both benefit.

As always, your thoughts will be appreciated.  Leave a comment with an e-mail address or send an e-mail to to reach me directly.  I suspect there may be a StoneZephyr blog in the not-distant-future since I learned there are a number of multiple blog bloggers working today.  I’ve had that site for some time but not made use of it other than as the source of an e-mail account for several years.


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