Things Aren’t Always Easy…

If you are anything like me, you probably prove out today’s title as I seem to on an all-too-often basis.  My blog redesign effort falls into that category, and my patience was stretched beyond the breaking point earlier this morning.  So, the redesign continues as a ‘work in progress’ although progress at the moment is moving very slowly.

On a more positive note, the world outdoors this morning is beautiful.  The sun is shining; the temps are climbing almost daily; and, snow seems to be something we can now refer to in the past tense for a few months.  And, I accept full blame in advance for the two or three feet of that white stuff we might find on the ground tomorrow morning.

My trials and tribulations are nothing compared to those of the majority of people on this earth.  I, as have most of us in this country, have gotten so spoiled that I/we tend to think that everyone on the planet is as well off as are we.  A good friend is stranded for part of the day in a southern airport since a plane was not available on time, but she sits in relative comfort, has been able to communicate her plight so that we can change our airport meeting plans accordingly, and is safe while she waits.

We take all this for granted because it is usually failsafe and we expect the world to be that way in all respects.  My little hiccup earlier today is not even so large as a gnat by comparison.  But, I needed a few minutes to remind myself of the realities and get back into a good mood and a thankful frame of mind.

I doubt that I am alone in my oft-forgotten life of ease.  Most of us are the same in this regard.  Most of us feel pity for self while ignoring all the sorrow and suffering around us.  Most of us wouldn’t know where to begin if we were suddenly put out on the street without more than the clothes on our backs and not knowing where our next meal was coming from…if it was coming at all.

We can be our own worst enemies with our pouting and anger when things don’t quite turn out as we wanted and expected.  We do not think of those who have such much greater issues in their lives since we are very much self-centered.  We slip a quarter into the slot of the container being held by an apparently blind person, or even a dollar bill if we’ve been terribly self-centered and feel the need to be quite apologetic through the treatment of the needier person.  Too often, we are likely to turn our backs or take a detour across the street to avoid the situation we’re finding disturbing to self.

My little personal ‘hissy fit’ should embarrass me and it did obviously given the subject of today’s blog.  How many of us are there in this country today who qualify to be self-examiners?  I know I am not alone though that doesn’t absolve me.

I can take care of self just as each of you readers can take care of self.  It is what we are going to do for others who have needs greater than ours that is important.  They have those needs even though we might have had a “bad day” from our perspectives.  They have fears and concerns that dwarf those we might have, given relative circumstances.

My blogging software is still not where I wanted it to be, but I have gotten over my pique, and the software permitted this blog to be written and published.  It’s not such a bad day after all.  I hope you have that same experience with your day and with all your days to come.  They are gifts from God and it is up to each of us to make the most of them.


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