Our Single Most Reliable Politician?

Why that has to be Bernie Sanders.  He is the perpetual Socialist in spite of socialism’s multiple disasters around the globe.  Bernie apparently thinks that his brand of socialism will work but that has yet to be explained to the majority of us…fortunately.

His story is a tempting one as we’ve witnessed around the globe.  There are always enough people for whom that “siren’s song” is enticing.  Take from the rich and give to the poor plays well with a majority of people, even some who are theoretically sufficiently educated and consumers of history so as to understand socialism’s fallacies.

There are always those who seem to be more favored than the majority, and those more favored justify their status by pointing to the fact they are the leaders, the bosses without whom the rest would certainly starve.  The masses continue, over and again, to doubt their own capabilities since they’ve never been permitted the luxury of proving to themselves their own virtues, their own capabilities.

We are obviously talking about the Democrat Party and its senior members being the leader/s of this movement since that party has the most-liberal thought leaders as members, as party leaders.  We have a very well-identified capitalist in the White House today and he serves well as the lightning rod for liberals.  He also serves well as the poster boy for capitalism.  Those who enjoy capitalism like him; those who despise capitalism, despise him.  It is quite simple.

That lightning rod, incidentally, presides over a rambunctious economy given his approach to governance.  He presides over a United States that has reasserted its dominance in the world.  His ideas are ridiculed but we find that those ideas spawn economic growth and essentially full employment.  And still, the siren’s song of socialism continues to come from the left.

We are able to see, on a smaller scale, what happens with the states in our union that are the perpetual Democrat states, the blue states vs. the red states.  If we look at Illinois and Wisconsin, we see where the biggest growth rate in new industry is found…Wisconsin.  That happens for a reason, and that reason is the form of governance and taxation in each state being measured carefully by businesses planning on new facilities and expansion.

In spite of the lessons readily available, we have members of Congress who still posit liberalism as the best form of governance.  And we, unfortunately, have ignorant voters…ignorant, not stupid…who continue to be suckered into the siren’s song of liberalism.

There is a reason for people wanting to be part of this country, who trek hundreds and thousands of miles in their efforts to become members of our society.  They see from afar what many of us seem unable to see up real close.  They literally risk life itself to attempt to gain entry to our country one way or another.  They do that because we are the beacon of liberty and we show others that our form of liberty, along with the absence of socialism, is a wonderful combination for its citizens.

And still, we have the staunch liberals in the Democratic Party that don’t seem to get it.  If they do ‘get it’ then they are disingenuous because they know they’ll be at the top of the social and economic order in a socialist society they seem to dream of for the United States.

Bernie Sanders has supporters in the Democrat Party.  Bernie Sanders has no supporters in the Republican Party.  It is that clear-cut, that black and white.  There are no shades of gray.

Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump?  Debate that choice if you wish, but that represents the difference whether or not you like it.

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