Reading Between the Lines…

A quotation attributed to Mystery writer Margaret Millar caught my eye this morning:

“Some people become so expert at reading between the lines they don’t read the lines.”

Our nation’s Capitol Press has fallen victim to this malady if I don’t miss my guess.  These people spend so much time trying to figure out what wasn’t said, what was really intended or what ought to have been said, that they miss the point and often mislead us citizens as the result.

They just know that the President and his Press Secretary are dedicated to keeping the news away from the networks and keep nibbling away at the bone to get to the real truth, that they miss the substance of the announcements.

The “talking heads”, as they are known by most of us, have become the focal points in their own minds.  They are responsible for re-interpreting what is spewed as news in response to the press’ questions since they know this is nothing but obfuscation at best and simple lies at worst.  If they do not re-process what the government released as fact, we will be the victims…at least as the press too often sees things.

I think I am bright enough to work through the chaff in search of the kernels of wheat.  I also believe that I am a better judge of truth for myself than any of the members of that press corps.  I am a conservative; virtually no one in the press is a conservative…with very rare exception.

I may’ve lost track, but my recollection is that press conferences with Obama’s Press Secretary went much more smoothly.  There was not the niggling then that is present now.  Might that suggest that the press was more aligned with what they were hearing during those years than they could possibly be with this neanderthal we put into the Oval Office this time around?

If we dig a little deeper, I think we find that Americans today are too busy leading their lives to spend any time other than casually glancing at the headlines in the morning or evening newspaper.  Given that, we can reasonably conclude they are getting fed what the press wished them to be fed.  Given that the press is largely liberal, there is only one further conclusion that can be drawn.  The majority of citizens in this country have accepted shades of the truth rather than to dig deep to find the full truth which is often different than the bits that were originally fed to us.

I see largely liberals in our education system from Kindergarten on through college.  The young people who still think for themselves seem to be fine in terms of their ability to factually discuss the ins and outs of politics in the country, but they are growing fewer and fewer as liberalism seeps further into the sub-strata of society including in the ranks of educators.

If we continue to see higher-level educational institutions become more and more liberal, we will see the rest of society follow suit; the only question will be how long it will take.  We are on that long-dreaded slippery slope.  Those who do not see that we are on the slippery slope are either refusing to accept that fact or happy with that fact and therefore content with the direction of things.

Rather than reading between the lines, we need people who can read the lines, who can determine for self where we seem to be headed, and align with others of similar belief to turn the ship of state around before it is too late.

We will not get a second chance at this if we miss this time.

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