Changes Coming…

Changes are being made to The Curmudgeon’s Thoughts site and likely will become visible in the near future.  The site address remains unchanged at “” but the look will be changing.  WordPress continues as the engine of choice for any of you interested.

A digitized drawing of yours truly is being added courtesy of a good friend and local artist and member of our congregation.  Since I’ve not asked if he’d mind his name getting out, I’ll not mention that.  I still do not have much hair (understatement of the year), other than on the edges, since he insists on a reasonably accurate portrayal and couldn’t be bought off.  If readership falls off precipitously, I’ll pull the picture…maybe.

A second version of the blog named The Cranky Curmudgeon that, as the name implies, will have a bit of an edge to it is being added.  That version will be found on this same site and will alternate with the original Curmudgeon as content dictates…and as frustrations mount like pressure in an old-fashioned ‘pressure cooker’.  Daily subject matter will determine which of these Curmudgeon’s, vanilla or Hot Fudge with Sprinkles, is featured.

If you think of subject matter you feel would fit in the Curmudgeon’s world, please feel free to share those ideas.  Please do not be offended if they don’t materialize.  Part of the creation process is simply that whatever comes from my mind through my fingertips has to be something I feel, but that does not mean your idea wasn’t a good idea.  If you find yourself having a lot of ideas, the opportunity to blog is available to you, as well, and WordPress is a very solid place for people who want to start writing and posting.

Thanks to all of you who read the Blog regularly; I hope you’ll continue.  (Rechecking my notes reminded me that “Cranky” won out over “Frustrated”.  How frustrating is that?)

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