Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’…

Depending on your age and your memory, you might recall this great advertisement that featured John Cameron Swayze and a Timex watch as it went through various abusive testing.  At the end of the test, we heard the background mantra:  It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.  

If you are too young to remember this, or too old to be able to remember this, it was a great advertisement for what was then an upstart wristwatch company working diligently to gain market share from the ‘big boys’.  The prices were extremely competitive and the product was pretty darned good.

As I pondered today’s blog topic and listened to the latest background sounds on my radio this old ad campaign came back clearly and vividly…and it hit me that we have the personification of this advertisement going on every day.  Every time we hear the latest press-driven hit job on our duly elected President, we ought to say to our selves…’He takes a lickin’ and he keeps on tickin’.

He not only keeps on tickin’, he continues to break new ground like we’ve not seen from a President for a long, long time.  He ventures into campaigns such as that of taking on and defeating North Korea’s dictator, something all other Presidents of recent vintage have chosen to ignore.  By “defeating” that dictator, I actually mean that he has tamed that dictator and forced him to recognize he needs to play nice for a change or he’ll even lose his absolutely required support from China.

Where others in the Oval Office have given lip service to the need to find ways to tame this dictator, President Trump has walked up to his front door and rung the doorbell so loudly and for so long the pudgy miscreant had to answer the door and actually begin to ‘play nice with others’ over the fear he’d lose his support from China.

The Mueller investigation would’ve forced other Presidents to cower in the corner, if there is a corner in an Oval Office, when this President essentially says bring it on but be sure you have your chin strap buckled ’cause it ain’t gonna be an easy fight.  I haven’t done anything wrong and I refuse to be brushed away like some crumbs on the Democrats’ neckties.  And, while you’re at it, make sure your own life is in order because I don’t usually let myself get stomped and shoved around without extracting something in return.

Through all these trials and tribulations, when you’d have expected that Trump would be the “shrinking violet”, President Trump has stepped up his game rather than hiding behind his desk…and he continues to win the battles each day brings.  We see the liberals running scared because everything they try blows up in their own faces…and they don’t seem able to learn a lesson from these explosions that have blackened their faces and destroyed their mantra of the day or week or month.

Through all this crap, yes “crap” is the correct word, President Trump continues to achieve things no one else in this office has achieved under similar duress…since there has never been similar duress unless we go back to the era of “Tricky Dickie” Nixon who brought his problems onto himself.

It may well be that time will have to pass in order for the real job being done for us day in and day out to finally be recognized.  That is what made me think of the old Timex commercial.  I have long felt that it is unfair for those who were ridiculed and belittled by their contemporaries to be long gone before the rest of society finally takes notice of all the good that came from those beleaguered people.

There are no current Democrats that can hold a candle to this President’s capabilities and his accomplishments.  There are no Republican contemporaries who have had the courage, and also the desire, to stand up and bang his political foes about the head and shoulders for their inability to see the accomplishments.  Dare not do that; might have to get my hands dirty and it might cost me votes.

Like Timex, there is often a lag between the acts of great people and the recognition that they were actually great people.  That probably will be what President Trump experiences but he has been there and done that in his business world, so he has a good idea of all this timelag…and does it anyway!

He takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’!

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