Koreas Appear to Make Peace a Possibility…

The two Koreas, North, and South, seem to have decided to attempt to make peace with one and other and have declared an end to the nearly 70-year stand-off.  The only real thing that has changed recently is the election of President Trump who is planning a trip to Korea soon.

What has occurred to make this seem something desired by the North?  President Trump was elected and he has a no-nonsense approach to things such as the two-Koreas.  Could it be that the North has seen the wisdom of getting out of the nuclear weapons business in return for some assistance from the free world?  Could it be that this new President is not the pussy-footer that past U.S. Presidents have been?  Could it be that his standing up to China has made a China-North Korea relationship seem not as attractive as it was recently?

President Trump is basically the sole change that has occurred in the world to have an effect on this communist relationship.  He is not the typical President who dances around such ‘delicate’ issues; he simply says what he thinks and is certain to remind people that he has the strength of will to back it up if that becomes necessary.

This is simply part of the string of things that have occurred since his swearing-in ceremony that seems to be a direct result of his sitting in the White House.  He does carry a “big stick” and he does not always ‘speak softly’.  That is indeed a different combination from other Presidents of both Democrat and Republican stripes.

For being what the Democrats claim is an abomination in the Oval Office, this know-nothing poseur is making things happen, and he is making it look easy after years of stand-off politics by both sides.   The North Korea-South Korea leaders meet in Panmunjom on April 27th and that is to lead to a meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un.

It seems that sooner or later people of all stripes will need to come to their senses and reconsider what they’ve said and thought about Donald Trump since we elected him our President.  If he is indeed a buffoon, it seems we should’ve sought out a buffoon much earlier.

  • * * * *

Finally, on a different subject entirely, I have a wonderful personal physician who treated me to a word that was not previously in my vocabulary after I confessed as part of a physical examination that I tended to try to add a word that might not be well known to my blogs on occasion.  He made one available to me that I didn’t comprehend and couldn’t imagine how to fit into one of my sentences after seeking the definition.  I shall spare you, readers, the agony he subjected me to, and promise I will try not to do the same to you…and apologize if I’ve unintentionally already crossed that line.  Thanks for being a consumer of the Blog, Doc!

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