Mutual Hatred Society?

James Comey’s new book “A Higher Loyalty; Truth, Lies & leadership” has been released earlier than expected and it is apparently the bombshell that Comey and his publisher had hoped to achieve.  Among other things, Comey compares President Trump to a mob boss: Comey said in an interview that to him, “The demand was like Sammy the Bull’s Cosa Nostra induction ceremony,” referring to Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano, a former leader of the Gambino crime family, whose testimony ultimately helped convict mob boss John Gotti.”

Vindictive?  Maybe just a touch.  Over dramatic?  I guess!  The book will sell; there is little doubt but that it will become an almost instant ‘bestseller’.  Will it do damage to our President?  Certainly in some quarters.  In other quarters there will be feigned umbrage, but our President might find that comparison a bit reassuring coming from this man.  It will make a lot of money for Comey and the publisher.

Donald Trump is a polarizing figure.  I feel certain he has been polarizing throughout his business career, as well.  A man simply does not change who and what he is as he steps into the Oval Office.  Nor should he.  If we elected that man, we expected to get that man as our President.  Many who disagreed with our choice obviously feel we’re getting what we deserve…and we wholeheartedly concur, to their unending angst.

Is there truth in Comey’s book?  Certainly.  Is there a slant to his book?  Absolutely.  Will all this help it become an instant ‘bestseller’?  Of course; in part that is why it is written as it was and why Comey is selling as he is when Trump is still in office.

From my perspective, James Comey did himself a great disservice for the money and for his personal edification.  He was not, and still is not, accustomed to not being the 800 lb. gorilla in the room.  He is, after all, a storied FBI agent.  He is 6′ 8″ tall and casts a big shadow both literally and figuratively.  He has wasted the time and hard work that he put into his reputation.  He traded that for some kind of personal retribution for the way he perceived himself to have been treated by the President of the United States of America.

There has been no Grand Jury convened over President Trump’s actions in the Oval Office despite many of the Swamp-dwellers thinking that, too, is a great travesty.  Comey has, in my opinion, thrown himself under-the-bus in order to exact some kind of price from a man for whom he has no time and whom he could not tolerate as his boss.  Most of us would’ve thanked him and simply told him we were sorry we couldn’t accept the offer to be part of his team, and graciously left the Oval Office.

This is but another chapter in the D.C. attempt to get rid of a duly-elected President of the United States because the Swamp-dwellers do not believe he measures up to the standards they have set for occupants of that office.  Damn the voters; they obviously shouldn’t have “the vote” if that is how they are going to use it.

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