Time For Presidential Hardball

The clock is ticking relentlessly toward the final act.  Robert Mueller’s hit squad as a special Special Prosecutor has done almost everything it can do and now seems to be salivating at the thought that President Trump will finally agree to sit down and answer their questions.  Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter has a very concise article in Townhall today that urges the President to refuse to sit for the lopsided interrogation by Mueller and his clones.

His point is that any interview by Mueller and his minions will be stacked to elicit responses that will ultimately be used to convict the President of something, convict him in the court of public opinion if nothing else.  A paragraph from today’s piece follows:

Trump committed no crime, as we all know because nothing indicating he has committed a crime has leaked out of that unprofessional sieve masquerading as a bunch of professional prosecutors that Mueller assembled to do the bidding of his elite masters to both overturn the result of the 2016 election and avenge his humiliated pal James Comey.  The recent report that Trump is not the “target” of an investigation should not lull anyone into complacency – it’s just another flurry in this special counsel’s blizzard of lies.

That Trump has not committed a crime makes no difference.  He is a significant threat and must be put in his place no matter that he doesn’t deserve that and no matter that there is no evidence to cause that decision.  He is a threat, and he beat Hillary out of her rightful position after all she has gone through to get there.  Us voters be damned.  What do we know, after all?

The prosecutors are as partisan as is possible for anyone to be.  They work to pick at and unravel solid threads to create the appearance that something is amiss and needs to be punished.  These are not innocent games nor are they anything but payback for having upset yet another liberal apple cart.

Another paragraph dealing with the process of sitting for an interview and the pitfalls of doing that follows:

At best, through preparation, you just lose less.  But you never win because they always get something they want from you.  Trump faces a team of trained prosecutors who are not guided by ethics or checked by any kind of restraint.  They have already trampled his attorney-client privilege.  One must, in an abundance of caution, assume that they will lie, cheat, mislead, and perjure themselves if that is what it takes to attain their sole goal – Trump’s impeachment and, perhaps, criminal conviction.

There is a trail of political bodies strewn where Mueller has gone before, some deserving of that status and others who simply got run over by the steamroller.  The deck is stacked against whoever goes through this process, especially when the interrogation is conducted by the political enemies of the target without regard to truth and justice.

Firing Mueller will take a toll on the President, but nowhere near the toll that sitting with the man and his team’s convoluted questioning will take.  The lynch rope is all ready; they are just looking for a suitable tree and the President should not provide that out of some sense of courtesy.


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