Egregious Excess…

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, the former FBI Director, has been poking around trying to find enough to do away with the Trump Administration, or more specifically with Trump’s Presidency, with the man himself and all he represents.  Whatever the initial charge was that Mueller was provided as his direction, this investigation rapidly morphed into what we see today which conjured up today’s title, Egregious Excess.

This kind of appointment is the equivalent of being a small ‘G’ god amongst mere mortals.  There are no controls on this man.  He goes where he decides to go, spends whatever he decides has to be spent, provides protection for some and hardball threats for others; anything to force the target to spill his or her guts.  Then, he sifts and sorts through that information which was squeezed from some person(s) to determine if he has found anything useful…and he alone makes the decision as to the definition of “useful”. And he alone determines where this will permit him to go to continue the ‘dig’ as if this were a historic excavation meant to unearth some past artifact lost to the generations for centuries.

This all started with the suspected Russian ‘influence’ on our elections, but quickly morphed as Mueller struck new veins of ore to be followed toward the Holy Grail.  And he alone defines what that Holy Grail is or isn’t.  I have felt this started in order for Democrats to be provided with evidence of tampering in our elections that could be used by them to explain how they lost to this buffoon of a President, Donald Trump.

Imagine, if you will, that you alone have been given the power to go anywhere, do anything, and prosecute anyone you choose without the oversight of anyone or any government body.  You ALONE have the power to destroy whomever you want to see destroyed.

There are not many people in any place or position who could withstand such temptation, but try to imagine being a person accustomed to the power with which to force people to disclose information and imagine he or she suddenly being made the most feared investigator in the entire country.  The feeling of absolute power must be empowering beyond our abilities to comprehend.  There are no limits to the time we can spend on this quest.  We can have all the money we think we need to get this job done.

We have no boss.  We create the rules on-the-fly.  We intimidate at will with no recourse.  We will never be investigated so anything we do is acceptable.  The only thing unacceptable would be our failure to find and possess the Golden Fleece.  Doesn’t sound as though this would be too difficult to manage…or does it?

Any person in such a role could be dangerously close to seeing him or herself as some kind of all-powerful political deity charged with righting all the political wrongs of a lifetime.  If you’ve ever held a fly swatter and had that fly squarely in your sights, the urge to swat has to be so empowering that one couldn’t help but swing.

Now, couple that immense feeling of personal power with the seating of what you thought, no what you believed in your visceral core, was a terrible President; how difficult would it be to use the power you’ve been accorded to right the wrongs you see before you no matter your initial charge?

This is the problem created for Mueller-the-mortal.  He has been given the power of a political god, and he is empowered to use that power as he sees fit.  And he appears to be doing that job superbly.  How will this story end?  Only the Special Prosecutor can say since he has been and continues to be in the driver’s seat of this “special prosecution”.

And all this is done in secret by virtue of the political mandate that created the investigation.

What could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

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