Today’s Immigrants…

The Center for American Greatness provided an interesting and thought-provoking article today titled The Right of No Refusal that deals with the way the left has waged a war on Western civilization and American society simultaneously.  The language has been altered as part of this effort.  They point to the use of genders as a replacement for the two sexes.  Genders account for three types of humans: male, female and neuter.  The terms ‘immigrants’ and ‘asylum’ have been transformed, etc.

The piece then moved backward in time to our last great wave of immigration ending around 1920.  Those immigrants came with little or nothing, “worked hard, married either within or without their ethnic group, built houses, started families, moved up and out into the mainstream of American society and disappeared into history”.

This juxtapositioning is contrived to make us think today about our families of yesterday, and, ideally, to make us feel better about the people coming across our borders.  We ought to welcome the new wave of immigrants no matter whether they have skills that enable them to survive or if we have to coddle them for awhile as they get their feet on the ground.

The thrust, obviously, is that we really ought to be extremely embarrassed about the way we are resisting this newest wave of immigrants.  The very idea that we’d spend tax dollars to build a “wall” ought to make us ashamed of who we have become in just the past few decades.  Our ancestors not too distantly-removed were given opportunities, so why shouldn’t this wave of immigrants be accorded similar opportunities?  How can we possibly justify a wall or the idea that we should be insisting on controlling the rate of flow of immigrants and the manner in which they’ve equipped themselves to earn their way once here?

You get the point of their ministrations.  We are greedy.  We do not share our largess.  We deny those who are also humans the opportunities we were born with.  How can we even look ourselves in the face each morning before the bathroom mirror?  This is, frankly, another example of the left and the right in our political world.  The left is good; the right is not-so-good.  The left wants to provide for these poor people while the right doesn’t even want them to step ashore.

I am a conservative, therefore I am bad.  If you are a liberal, you must then be good.  This is a very dangerous over-simplification that I suspect is as grating on those of the liberal persuasion as it probably is on those of the conservative persuasion, if they’d just take the time to think seriously about this subject.  Nothing about these issues is so simple as some would have us believe.

Yet, all we need to do is watch our Congress for a week or two, and we see this played out on the grand national stage in virtually every debate on issues.  Democrat leaders bash Republicans for their positions and vice versa.  Then they both drape arms around each others’ shoulders and go to the local ‘watering hole’.  In the meantime, you and I are here in the homeland pondering the charges leveled by both sides at the other in these debates.

We pay our surrogate politicians quite well for waging these battles and yet we seem to get little to nothing in return for that payment.  If Democrats were getting their money’s worth, they’d have won this battle long ago…and the same is true of Republicans.  Might we both be being ‘gamed’ just a bit?  Might we simply need to divorce ourselves from the daily or at least weekly booster shots we receive from our politicians in the District?  Might we need to ‘chill’ over things political?

You and I have much in common no matter our ‘politics’.  We both have much for which to be grateful.  We likely are contributing directly or at least indirectly to those who have needs beyond our borders.  Maybe we simply need to chill a bit, not take our politics quite so seriously and seek out opportunities to help others.

Still, there must be some controls on the rate of influx of immigrants if our country is to be able to handle that influx without doing damage to the country itself.  I would hope both sides could reach agreement on that statement.  That seems not to be an issue isolated to either left or right other than for the politicians who seem to have a good idea of where those votes will go if and when these folks become legal voters.  In the meantime, there are certain economic requirements that must not be ignored.

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