The Enigma That is Trump…

Enigma is defined as something or someone that is puzzling or a riddle.  That seems to be about the only definition of our President Trump that fits this man.  At least he is an enigma from my perspective.

He was supposed to be nowhere near capable of serving as our President and yet he is doing a good job.  He was supposed to be simply some bombastic cartoonish character that somehow stumbled and bumbled his way into the White House. He has gone toe-to-toe with other leaders in our world and, so far at least, he seems to be able to work with any or all of them on their level.  In fact, he has brought them to his level through these invitations.

Beyond simply being able to work with them, he has demonstrated an uncanny ability to rise to the top in these relationships and to have good continuing relationships that are producing good things.  He has gone the route of inviting leaders from some of the second tier nations to the White House and has worked his magic to create allies who make things happen.

These are not the results to be expected from someone in over his head, from someone who has been given the image of a loud-mouthed buffoon.  These are solid results negotiated with other world leaders and these results have come early in his first term.

All this, of course, has been taking place while the various investigations undertaken to make him feel the need to resign from office have done nothing but make us see that he seems quite open, honest and operating above boards in all respects.

Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, is handling his office as well as most and better than some of his predecessors, and he does it with no apparent extra effort.  He is simply being himself and that is driving his opposition nuts.  The liberal Dems and the officious Republicans who haven’t quite gotten to the point of admitting he is a good fit for the Oval Office, are almost apoplectic.  And yet, they have to be able to see they were wrong and are just trying to find some way to admit that without losing face.

It is actually sort of fun to watch as these ‘unbelievers’ wiggle like worms on a fish hook.  They know they were wrong but they just can’t admit that to the rest of the world that already also knows they were wrong.  The result?  They look like the fool in this situation.  Get over it.  You were wrong and it is time for you to become the adult we all thought you were when we placed you in leadership positions in Congress.

World leaders have seen this almost from the beginning of his term in office, and that is obvious from their interactions with him and with our country.  The North Korea-China deal is but one example of what this so-called “buffoon” has been able to put together…and put together with seeming ease.

In reality, the only people who’ve not quite gotten this yet are most Dems and some reluctant Republicans who probably are simply embarrassed at their earlier opinings and are trying to find some way to overcome that without further embarrassing themselves.


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