Our Southern Border…

A caravan of migrants, estimated at about 1,000 people, is moving toward our borders as it proceeds through Mexico.  Examples of how vastly different people can be are to be found in the way border states are approaching this caravan.

At this point, the caravan’s closest entry point to the U.S. would be Brownsville, TX while an alternate but more distant point would be California.  It is thought that California’s Governor would welcome the caravan given past experience.  That would follow that state’s anti-U.S. sentiment that seems to be expressed daily in one or another form.

Texas, on the other hand, has Governor Greg Abbott who has other ideas.  He has already deployed National Guard troops to the border to augment the U.S. Customs agents and Border Patrol agents.  A former Secret Service agent and Maryland congressional candidate has described the caravan as “complete, total, utter chaos”.  This caravan apparently was organized by ‘Pueblos Sin Fronteras’ or People Without Borders to assure the caravan reaches the border safely.

President Trump has not ignored the impact this could have on the country, and, of course, has hammered Congress on The Wall and its importance in today’s world.  The number of illegal border crossers peaked at some 40,000 people in December, alone, last year.

Both actions and lack of actions have consequences.  The lack of actions seemingly results in more open borders which permits more illegals to enter our country.  We do not often stop to think of how easily those simple illegals seeking a better life could be infiltrated with truly bad actors.  Our borders must remain secure both on the South and on the North as I have opined in the past.  We do not always think of the impact of an uncontrolled flow of those people on our states and the country.

There are consequences no matter the decisions taken on these issues.  Closing the borders limits the numbers of illegals who can enter to a flow that can be properly processed and absorbed into our society.  Open borders seem to be a good thing from the perspective of those who wish to welcome the oppressed, but that works in the opposite when that overloads our systems’ ability to make room and provide food and medical care and living conditions that don’t end up jeopardizing those we’ve permitted to enter.

Controlling immigration works better for both us and the immigrants.  Permitting a helter-skelter “borders be damned” approach creates more problems that ultimately work to the detriment of you and me and the country.  It is really just that simple, although emotions tend to obscure that reality.

These are tough calls but necessary calls that actually work better for those on both sides of the issue.  Also to be discussed is the role other countries need to be taking to assist us in handling these problems.  We are not simply the dumping ground for all and if that is how we permit ourselves to be used, we destroy both our economy and the dreams of others.

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