Election Day…

There is an election April 3rd, tomorrow, in Germantown, WI and it is particularly important to me since I am a candidate in that election for Village Trustee for the seat to which I was appointed when the then-Trustee resigned.  I have enjoyed serving as a Trustee and am anxious to be able to continue in that role.

Writing about things political is quite different from being one of the candidates in an actual election.  There is the usual self-analysis over what might remain to be done, and what has been accomplished, but that will be part of your vote tomorrow.  Writing about politics is much less tiring than actually running as a candidate.  It also is usually less an emotional ride since each candidate has a lot of ‘self’ invested.  That is even true in local elections…maybe even more intensely in local elections.

The ballots are printed, the machines are tested, the poll workers are trained and ready, and the candidates have done whatever they believed was to be done to come out the winner.  In this case, there are two of us, both of whom have been in the community for quite some time.

The result will be determined by the number of votes, and that will be impacted by the turn-out.  The turn-out will be important as always.  Mailers have been received.  Signs have been placed for several weeks in many cases, and they’ve been tended to regularly since winds make them do strange things.  If the size of signs is the sole determinant, I have already lost since my opponent has the biggest sign of any.  That was an example of my humor or lack thereof as you see it.

This is my first election as a candidate since I was appointed to a vacated seat by the Board when I was made a Trustee something over a year ago.  I have kibitzed about elections for years but that doesn’t make me a good candidate.  I have to rely on my reputation versus how the other candidate is viewed based on his reputation.  That makes the outcome a very personal thing since there are just the two of us, so there isn’t much else to blame a loss on for whoever ends up losing.

In reality, we have each made our reputations over the time we’ve been residents in the community, and in the way we’ve been seen as residents and citizens during that time.  I have never asked someone to vote for me since running in a school election a long time ago.  I haven’t made any promises as to what I’ll do if elected other than to continue as I have since I was selected to fill the vacant seat by our Village Board.

I’ve had a lot of advice most of which was good and all of which was intended to be good.  I’ve had help with signs and door knocking.  That is all good and helpful.  But tomorrow is the day on which the voters will decide if I am to continue to serve as a Village Trustee or if they’d prefer a different person in that spot.

For those of you who are qualified Germantown District 2 voters, I ask for your vote.  I commit that I will continue to be the kind of person I have been for years.  It would be way too late to try to change even if I felt that was necessary.  I am very simply who and what I am.  I have lived in Germantown since 1969.  My wife and I have raised our two children here and they are products of the local school system.  We are regular church-goers and I have been in the Messiah Chorus for quite a few years.

I blog at TheCurmudgeon.live six days a week so you can tell I am a conservative politically as well as fiscally.  I believe that my constituents are the people I serve and I try diligently to represent them as I believe they wish to be represented.  I have voted ‘No’ on issues that I personally found okay but on which constituents urged me to vote ‘No’ for valid reasons.  They, you, are my bosses.

Please go to the polls and vote tomorrow.  I’d be proud if you’d vote for me; I will continue to see you as my boss, and the Village and all my constituents as my charge as a Trustee.  This is about you and not about me…but I’d be less-than-honest if I didn’t say this was very important to me.

Please vote tomorrow…and if you’d be so kind, cast your vote for me.



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