China, North Korea & Trump

We witnessed a most interesting event these past few days when the armored train of North Korea’s leader traveled to China.  And then we witnessed the results of that visit which appear to have had China pushing North Korea to play nice with the rest of the world…namely with the United States of America.

There obviously is much that remains to be seen in this unfolding event, but there seems one thing we can deduce from the visit:  If there was not a President Trump in our White House, this would not be unfolding as it appears to be unfolding.  China and North Korea have been belligerent before and may be again but this apparent effort at detent would most likely not have occurred without Trump in the White House.

North Korea is a chess piece on the board of World chess, and China has exercised its power to avoid confrontation with the U.S. indirectly in the form of North Korea.  Does this mean that there is no longer a threat?  Absolutely not.  North Korea, so long as it has the weapons capability it appears to have is a threat.

It appears to be China saying to us that it sees an opportunity for peace talks between us and North Korea and that it has, behind the scenes, helped NK’s leader understand the importance of such talks to all concerned.  Given the debt we have as a country with China, this might well be China simply recognizing that a conflict could interrupt the flow of our money to them if we were fighting a war with the North.

What has changed that could’ve provoked such a behind scenes deal?  President Trump happened.  There is nothing else of a difference of such magnitude as Trump occupying the Oval Office.

For all his rough edges, and his bluster and his posturing, President Donald Trump has made a significant difference in how we, the U.S., are seen by the rest of the world.  This is but one more example of that impact.  There is nothing else that has changed.  China is still China.  North Korea is still North Korea.

Does this mean that all is right with the world and will be for the foreseeable future?  No.  It does mean that the world has witnessed a new President in Washington, D.C. that is different from the president we had for the preceding eight years.  There is no doubt about where President Trump stands on almost every issue of importance.

Will this also affect the relationship we have with Russia?  Maybe yes and maybe no.  Russia’s leader is as difficult to read as is our President.  I suspect that China has sent a bit of a signal to Russia by this move with North Korea.  Whether that makes any difference to Russia’s Putin remains to be seen.  He will no doubt continue to pose for macho naked pictures from the waist up as has been his habit to date.  If there is a leader in the world with a greater ego than ours, it has to be Putin.

If China and North Korea have stated they aren’t willing to play games with us, then maybe President Putin will think twice before doing anything more than posing for pictures to impress his people.

One thing is for sure: without President Trump, we would not be seeing this kind of world reaction.

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