No Room At The Inn?

Real Clear Policy reported today that moderate Democrats are becoming a threatened species.  Democratic voters in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District barely (by some 2,000 votes) re-elected a moderate Democrat.  The author wrote:

Regardless, the closeness of the race sent a clear message: Today, moderate  Democrats are in danger of becoming extinct on Capitol Hill as well as in state legislatures and in governors’ mansions.

The shift of Democrats to being more and more liberal seems a threat to any Dem who does not pass the litmus test.  It is reported that many of the more conservative Dems no longer feel they have a place in the new Democrat party “as the Dems send their messages on gun safety, climate change action and pro-choice legislation”.

The article continued with these facts that may well warm the hearts of us conservatives:

  1. Today, the number of Democrats holding office is at its lowest point since the 1920s.
  2. The Midwest, a place where Democrats had been competitive at the state level, has changed dramatically in recent years.
  3. While Democrats have been struggling at the state level for years, the 2010 election was especially devastating.
  4. After the 2016 election, Republicans won a trifecta in 24 states: control of governor’s office and both chambers of the state legislature.

The article went on to point out, though, that since Trump took office, they (Dems) have won the New Jersey governorship, the Washington state senate and 34 new legislative seats in the U.S.

However, the real issue, it seems to me, is that the mainstream Dems are insisting on becoming more and more liberal in their leanings while the rest of our country is becoming more and more conservative.  If there is virtually no room in the Democrat Party for a moderate Democrat, there is absolutely no room for a conservative Democrat.  If those conservative Democrats find themselves in agreement more and more with the Republican themes across the country, there could be a wave forming that will inundate the Dems politically for years to come.

This is likely to have a greater effect in the heartland of this country versus either coast.  And, it is in the heartland that conservatives have grown stronger and stronger as a group.  We may be witnesses to a sea change that will carry conservatives to more political victories than ever before with the help of the disregarded Dems revolting against their former party.

We tend to get hung up on party names more than on the belief systems in place within those parties.  I believe we may well be watching a conservative wave forming that will render each major party impotent without the support of us conservatives.  I hope that is the case.  Neither of the two main parties is in tune with conservative beliefs and wants and needs.  If this is happening, we will be able to re-make Congress to think like we think.  Imagine how that would impact the country as we know it today.

For some of us, that may seem to be a potential nightmare while others of us might see it more favorably.  Time will tell.




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