How Would You Use A “Re-Boot” Button?

This might be an imponderable question for many of us but it seems this might be a good question for each of us to noodle for a while.  If you possessed a reboot button, how and when would you think of using it?  If you could push that reboot button and open your eyes to having a clean slate, would you be tempted?  If you had that button available would you become addicted to using it rather than changing things you could change so as to be able to avoid using it?

In essence, we get something of a ‘reboot’ every morning when we awaken.  We are facing a new day that we have yet to foul with our selfishness or our greed or our baser instincts.  And then, we take that first step and too often begin the familiar slide back to where we were yesterday and hoped we’d be able to avoid tomorrow.  Too often, when that realization hits, we give up just knowing that we are doomed to live this life the same way day-in and day-out.

I know this is preachy and I apologize, but there comes a time for each of us when we are called to make a life-changing decision.  These decisions need not be big decisions if we are willing to make small changes daily or weekly or monthly or even annually, and keep those new better habits in our repertoire.  That may be the way you make these changes stick.  It isn’t easy to break old habits.  I know how long and how many times it took for me to quit my two or more pack a day cigarette habit.  But persistence finally made me a non-cigarette smoker.  True, I still enjoy a daily cigar in the warm weather but I do not inhale…as I tell my loved ones almost daily :-).

In many cases, we are called to make decisions that we see as being changes for someone else.  Maybe the smoking habit has been more a problem for our spouse than for self on a day-to-day basis.  My smoking habit fouled the air in our home and it took a long time for that residual odor to dissipate to the point of being unnoticeable.  I never really gave much thought to it that way until I had finally kicked the habit and was able to look back rationally…and smell what a non-smoker’s home actually smelled like.

Each of these kinds of life-changing decisions has to begin with that first step, and then the second step, and so on.  Each time we make the commitment, we believe we have really made the commitment.  And we continue to believe that we’ve made the commitment until that day when we renege on our commitment to self.  Then we are demoralized and wonder if we could ever make that decision and make it stick.

It is easy to feel sorry for self no matter that we have nothing to pity ourselves about.  If we are able to look around us, we see a lot of people who have a lot more issues than each of us have…and we’re also able to wonder why they haven’t taken care of the bad habits already.  We can easily become hypocritical to the Nth degree.

I am not some ‘goody-two-shoes’.  I am far from perfect; always have been and always will be.  The old “take that first step” argument is really old after you’ve taken that “first step” time and again.  We each need to get to the place where the quest is for us as well as for those who love us.  That is easier for some than for others.  We need to get to a place where we are bluntly honest with self.

How would you use your “re-boot” button today if you were able and decided to do so?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a blogging trend.  I don’t know what tomorrow brings but there’ll certainly be another shiny object about which to opine that won’t be aimed quite so directly at self and readers.

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