What Should We Believe?

If you are similar to me, you view a lot of different sources to gather information quite probably not found in any of the mainstream media; or if found there, information that may’ve been revised so as to soften the impact toward any of the medias’ favorites.  Many of those favorites are decided left-wingers and embedded bureaucrats (neither left or right) who have their own interests at heart.  Some (not as many I maintain) are decided conservatives who also have their own interests at heart.

That fact makes the things they believe important to be a bit suspect to those of us who are conservative.  The national media, I believe, is typically slanted to the left.  Even some media members that we might take as being almost conservative, waiver and wobble from time-to-time.  They likely do so in the name of ‘fairness’, but they do wobble.

If something simply does not ring true to those of us who are conservative or liberal in our political views, it bears further investigation by seeing different sources and comparing the takes on all those sources before forming our own opinion based upon the actual facts, as best we can determine, that exist.

There are groups in our nation’s capitol that pose as something they aren’t.  There are a lot of those groups.  Some groups actually maneuver as if they are one thing while they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, so to speak.  The old saying about all being fair in love, war and politics is, unfortunately, more truth than fiction.  There are days when politics gives both love and war bad names.

No matter our personal political persuasion, it is imperative to fact check as best we are able.  We can avoid personal embarrassment by fact-checking.  We can be more informative in conversations with others not necessarily of the same persuasion as we are.  We can, at least, discuss things if we understand the facts involved even though we may draw differing conclusions.

I believe that we owe it to ourselves to be informed on both major sides of each situation.  It is not accepted fact that one side is always right and the other wrong or vice versa.  If we are not adequately prepared and sufficiently knowledgeable in the depth of our beliefs, we will only argue and probably upset or even anger the other person.  Even if we end up disagreeing, we can do so pleasantly, and should since there are always at least two sides to every issue.

Friends of differing beliefs are valuable in that they serve to help us understand the other side of issues about which we’d otherwise be ignorant, or at least not as well informed.  If we love to “debate”, we need to know as much as possible about the oppositions’ thinking whether or not we accept those ‘facts’ as gospel.

We will never always agree with everyone with whom we might interact.  That would be a boring use of our time and theirs.  We would reach a level of knowledge beyond which we would not advance.  That could prove to be a very embarrassing place to be on occasion.

Our President brings much of this out into the open given the way he has been received or dismissed by all.  We will have a lot of practice on this subject in the balance of his first term, and, I would venture, during the second term, too.  He is a lightning rod personality.  He can be crude on occasion.  But, he is getting the job done as I had hoped would be the case so I can accomodate his idiosyncracies probably better than someone who voted against him.

Time will tell if there will be a second term.


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