Lest We Forget…

We conservatives have periods on occasion where we seem to forget that we have an ever-irrational liberal machine plotting and scheming even as we enjoy a relatively conservative presidency after eight years of Obama.  If you doubt this, I invite you to click on this link:  http://theweek.com/articles/760739/how-democrats-wipe-gop-fix-america

If your reactions in the process of reading the information found at the link above were anything like mine, we both ought to be wide awake knowing this is no time for laying back and enjoying the place we’ve finally come to as conservatives.  This writing actually makes Hillary Clinton look like something less than the liberal she is unless, of course, she believes the same mantra is in order and just isn’t being honest with us voters.

We know that our former president Barack Obama isn’t wasting time basking in his glory.  He is organizing; after all, that is what he did and what he still does.  We know the liberal press isn’t wasting time and that is proved each and every day.  We know the Democrat minority in Congress isn’t wasting time even as they continue to prop up the same old tired cliche-riddled people who have yet to show they can win the big ones.

The citizenry, unfortunately, is being lined up to become the roadkill of the next decade or two.  That includes both the liberal element as well as us conservatives.  The elite Democrats do not have their dedicated voters in mind nearly so much as they have themselves and ultimate power in mind.

Us conservatives were we able to ignore this liberal wave-in-the-making could become like the fat hogs at the trough.  We have a bit of a problem keeping the edge of our political knives as sharp as they ought to be kept.  It is nice to be in the seat we occupy at the moment, and it is easy to begin to think the age-old battle might finally have been won.  That is a dangerous place for conservatives; we have been successful, but that doesn’t mean we’re at the pinnacle.  One slip, one moment when we take our collective eye off the ball, is all the liberals will need.

Conservatives are able to mobilize for the battle, but we tend to put our battle gear away after we’re in the winners’ circle.  We get complacent.  We get lazy.  We lose sight of the ball and play the games the liberal press lays out for us, which is precisely what they want us to do.  Holding the majority today is not the end of the game.  Holding the majority for decades is the name of this game.

It can get ugly in the mosh pit of politics, and we tend to want to avoid this part of politics.  We want to rise above this very base side of politics, and yet that is the very motive that proves to be our Achilles’ heal.  It is at points such as this that the tried and true old Dems reach into their always present ‘bag of dirty tricks’ and get on with getting on.  The spittle flies, the lies are spread, the temper tantrums are deployed…and we wonder what happened to us as they gain seats in the next election.

Lest we forget and become the fodder for the Dems once again.


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