The morning comic section in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the strip titled Zits by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman.  In this comic, the teenage son walks into his house after getting hit by the newspaper that had been tossed to the front step by the carrier.  The son holds the folded paper up to his father and says: “Some guy just threw this at our house and it almost hit me.”  His father says: “It was a newspaper delivery, not a micro-aggression” to which the son replies “Now I feel even less safe!”

This strip is responsive to where we seem headed today with our hurt feelings, our concerns with a President who calls them like he sees them and isn’t afraid to terminate anyone if they aren’t living up to his expectations.  We see the situations with students whose emotions are apparently rubbed raw over this or that being welcomed to center stage again and again.

I do not recall ever seeing anything approaching this level of angst in my lifetime over the perception of some kind of aggression.  We had bullies but I didn’t run home claiming some aggression had been foisted upon me.  I delivered newspapers and don’t recall ever having been accused of committing a micro-aggression during the delivery of my daily route.

Add to this “toxic” mix the essence of concern now labeled “Trump Derangement Syndrome” which we hear about when he fires a cabinet member which he seems prone to do if they do not perform up to his expectations.  Maybe this is simply a look at the differences between commerce at high levels and governance at high levels.  President Trump has “at will” employees today just as he had “at will” employees prior to sitting in the Oval Office.

He makes decisions far more quickly than his predecessors ever did, even though I suspect many of them wished they’d have acted sooner rather than later in various cases.  Our press has blown this way out of proportion as it is wont to do when it sees an opportunity to skewer a politician it does not, as an institution, like.

Against that backdrop of fairly constant complaining, we have become more or less accustomed to the idea of accusations of ‘over-reaction’ or ‘poor judgment in hiring’ and we have seen riots and nasty demonstration by ‘ultra’ groups; those that sit at either extreme waiting for the chance to get some publicity.  Maybe it is the toppling of old statues or demonstrations of large groups wearing black ‘uniforms’ and hitting people with baseball bats.  We as a society have devolved and this devolution has been going on since way before President Trump was sworn into office.  And, yes, it was going on during the immediately prior eight years; it was being fueled during those years.

Unfortunately, we have an immediate past President who is enjoying stirring this pot up even though now out of that office.  He has created and staffed an organization to do just that and it is thriving in terms of the attention it gets on its Internet website.  We also have a press corps, that has never been aligned behind the current President, which is all too happy to stir this pot in the name of press freedom.

We have the Democrat Party that is all too happy with this situation and the potential this carries for it to gain seats and maybe to take over the Oval office once again.  We the people, and this nation we love take back seats to the lust for power that fuels this kind of garbage.

The press, which we grew up thinking of as non-discriminating in its holding of politicians up to the light of day, today is all too happy to “go with the flow” and not to find any issues at all with the former President’s activities nor with the Democrat Party’s activities to block and obfuscate since it is getting what it hoped for when Trump took office.  He is, of course, to their way of thinking an embarrassment to us all, and any of us who voted for him ought to be bowing our heads in shame and letting this happen without any comment or fighting back.

Micro-aggressions, if happening at all, are happening because of the Left and not because of the Right.  With a press all too happy to see the Right taking hits, we can expect nothing to alter that perception.  There are subtle things going on that further that goal of the Left and, of course, those things go on and on without any criticism or even questions from the media.  Us conservatives are essentially told, “never mind just move along”.

Even comic strips are pushing the liberal theme of micro-aggression and the devolution of society under President Trump.  Subtle, but real involvement in things beyond the pay grade of the media and of the comic strip creators who cannot seem to help themselves by staying out of the burgeoning movement to dump Trump.  Comic strips appeal to kids.  Think there is some building of future liberals in play here?

If there was ever doubt as to the loyalties of the press in general, we have learned the truth.  When the creators of Zits wade in with subtle but intentional language and pictures, without any effort by the media serving as the conveyance device for same to make sure there is no political theme, we can see quite clearly from whom and from where any “microaggression” might be coming…but there is, unfortunately, nothing “micro” about it.

So subtle that most won’t see it and so subtle that those of us who do see it risk being ridiculed as unnecessarily reactionary.  A potent combination.

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