Sticks in My Craw #2…

I never dreamed that #2 would arrive so soon on the heels of #1, but it was here this morning in the form of my computer not behaving and then a new download from the Computer gurus above us all that has overlayed the latest and greatest from Microsoft even though I didn’t want the latest and greatest, thank you very much!  I now have the threat of Cortana in my life, whatever that is.

My morning has also been spent on an automobile issue that was easily resolved except that it distracted me from the download that I abhor which has changed the views and complexion of my good old laptop to the point that I feel like a drooling idiot…again…or still.  I’m not sure which.

It seems I have become a more than occasional drooling idiot so far as computer technology is concerned.  I can hardly wait for the next chapter to unfold…and, unfortunately, I feel certain that it will.  I know that it will; who am I trying to kid?

This was followed up by another in a series of telephone sales pitches from what appears to be a local number until you answer and it then becomes apparent that it comes from another telesales “boiler room” operation.  And, it is nigh onto impossible to kill one of those “opportunities” without having to be a bit nasty to make the point.  (I am so thankful I am not one of those folks who is trying to make a living that way, with all they must have to put up with…but they are so pushy it seems you have to get a bit stern to get your message out that you have no interest in the latest this or the you gotta have that).

And the idea they will even think of removing your telephone number from their list is a decided non-starter.  If you know of a magic number that one can use to kill off those calls, I’d be willing to pay good money for it!  This would make a great racket set-up.  I’ll bet a telemarketer selling a ‘block’ to these calls could retire in about four to six weeks.  Of course, he or she would be selling using the phone to get that done.

So long as these days are truly just occasional, I guess we can all make it through, but it does seem that as the Morton’s Salt people taught us, “When it rains, it pours”.

That is what sticks in my craw today…and I hope this is the end of those subjects for a good long time to come, except that is likely too good to be true.  I seem to be becoming more cynical as I age.  Do any of you have that same problem or am I alone in this?


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