This ‘Sticks in my craw’…#1

Have you ever heard the old idiom “that sticks in my craw”?  We are launching an irregular series of blog topics that I’ll refer to as things that stick in my craw.


Stick in one’s craw: to cause considerable or abiding resentment; to rankle. 
From the Center for Immigration Studies comes an article by David North titled:
Feds Provide Almost $2 Billion in Subsidies to Hire Alien Grads Rather than U.S. Grads
David North wrote this article on February 27, 2018, about a program called The Optional Practical Training (OPT) program which has the Federal government “paying American employers to discriminate against American workers” to the tune of nearly $2 Billion annually that comes from trust funds for the elderly.  The employers get an 8.25% tax break for hiring an alien rather than a U.S. college grad with the same skills and paid at the same salary.
The subsidies for this program come from “the Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment Insurance Program trust funds” and were estimated at some $1.98 Billion in the Fiscal Year 2017.
This sticks in my craw.  It just does not seem right even if this program is providing people for the STEM jobs, those being performed by graduates with science, technology, engineering, or math majors/experience.
Do we need people to fill that demand?  Absolutely, but does the funding for this program have to be carefully disguised and then taken from programs that are in no shape to fund such hires when our own people are being penalized through the loss of portions of these funds?
Both Republican and Democrat Presidents have held office since this began so there seems more than enough bipartisanship involved to permit us to place blame at the feet of all in Congress who had to authorize this spending through the budgets approved.  And on the Presidents who allowed this abuse whether knowingly or unknowingly.
If this was included in bills but not made known to those voting on the bills, shame on us and shame on them.  We need to fix that hole in the system.
If this is a justifiable use of these funds that do not appear to have been appropriated for this use, then why is it necessary for this to essentially be done behind the curtain indicating that those in charge knew this was an inappropriate use of the trust funds already dedicated to  Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment programs.
These funds were appropriated for U.S. citizens and are paid for by U.S. citizens but are being used to pay foreign graduates who happen to have skill sets we need.
If this is so important, and it may well be given the shortage of qualified people in the STEM world, why does it have to be done like the Dems brought about ObamaCare…behind the curtains so you and I are “spared” having to be made aware of the action.  This is truly bipartisan, not just something to be laid at the feet of the Dems.
This is an “Equal Opportunity” abuse of power to find funds for something most of us would’ve applauded if done in the full light of day.  I imagine that there was some loose tie-in given that these funds were intended to aid in ‘unemployment’ and that is part of why the funds were appropriated, so…what the heck, let’s use that money.  Noone will ever know, and even if they find out, we have that unemployment word to hide behind.
This erodes our faith in our government.  Over time, these are the kinds of abuse of power that arouse the people.  These are the things that ‘stick in our collective craws’ and which come back to haunt those we’ve sent to the Swamp when we finally become aware of the abuse, as I’ll label it, that occurred in the figurative “dark of night”.

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