Enough Dirt to Go Around…

We like to expose the faults of others as if we were faultless.  Stormy Daniels and her trysts with our now President are the flavor of the day and the national press can’t leave it to die in some roadside ditch.  I doubt that Stormy is anxious for it to die out too soon, either.  The Democrats could not help themselves when this opportunity was offered up.  Obviously, the left-leaning press was only too happy to pounce like a cat playing with a ball of yarn.  Truth be known, I’d not be too surprised to learn that the press has had this ‘disclosure’ planned since the swearing-in ceremony.

Dish the Dirt seems to be the flavor of the month and maybe even of the year depending upon what else might lurk in the Dem’s armory of weapons to ‘dump Trump’.  All that needs be done is to remind those in that party of the family named Clinton, except the Dems are apparently impervious to recognizing their own weaknesses of which there are more than a few that readily spring to mind.  And, of course, the very reliable mostly-liberal press is fully supportive.

These kinds of actions usually signal that everything else that could possibly be weaponized has already been weaponized to no avail.  We know that those in high public office, especially if they are like Donald Trump, are open to brutal treatment, especially when they are conservative in their actions as this President has largely been to the pleasant surprise of many.

There has been but one perfect human and He died on a cross for each of us whether or not we’re willing to accept that.  Each of us has been forgiven time and again for our shortcomings and yet the Dems are somehow seen as above this human frailty, and thus are fully supported by the press when it comes to pillorying President Trump for his frailties…of which we were all aware or pretty much aware when we voted for the guy.

Same old, same old.  John 8:7 has the message:  Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.  True then and true today.

History has shown over and over the frailties of us humans, and that will continue to be shown for so long as we continue to populate this planet.  Frailty is not confined to just men or just women, it is not confined to just Republicans or just Democrats, it is not confined to just certain religious belief systems.

Each of us is frail; we are each susceptible to doing the wrong thing even when we know better.  We forgive and we are forgiven for we are simply humans and imperfect humans at that.  We are so bad at this life that we coin phrases such as “All is fair in love and war” to cover our respective fannies.  If you have not yet learned this lesson, today would be a good time for such introspection.

When the person is attacked rather than the person’s beliefs being attacked, the attacker(s) is/are apparently bereft of facts to bring to the party.  The Dems appear to have gotten to the point of being out of effective political ammunition quite early in his first term, and thus the personal attacks continue unabated and likely will for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, our President seems up to the job to the surprise of many…including some Republicans.


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