Wisconsin: Normal or NORML?

Dan Bice in his No Quarter column in the morning Journal Sentinel here in Milwaukee discussed the February 20th meeting conducted by the SE Wisconsin NORML and the stand taken by two Democrat candidates trying to unseat our Gov. Scott Walker (R).

NORML stands for National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.  One Democrat, Matt Flynn, said if he were elected Governor he’d “pardon everybody in the jails and the prisons of Wisconsin who are there for nonviolent possession offenses”.  That tends to admit that there can be and is violence attached to its use.  But he’d be willing to overlook that to gain the coveted seat as Governor.

The other candidate, Mike McCabe, said, apparently to gain even greater support from his selected constituency, that he favored “full legalization of marijuana in our time”.

Two other Dem Governor wannabees said they’d back measures to overturn the state law that now bars people from selling or smoking “weed” and Milwaukee firefighter union chief Mahlon Mitchell and the current state Superintendent of Schools for Wisconsin, Tony Evers, said they’d sign legislation permitting recreational use of marijuana BUT only if voters favored that on a referendum.

Marquette University’s Law School poll in 2016 showed that 59% of registered voters in Wisconsin favored marijuana being fully legalized and regulated like alcohol.  We’re two years further down this road.  So Evers and Mitchell are, in reality, in favor of the full legalization even though they attempted to hedge their bets.

That legalization of marijuana for recreational use is the uniform mantra for Democrat candidates for governor in Wisconsin ought to be sufficient to disqualify them from that race.  Look at Colorado where at least the facade of “medical use” was used to get their law passed.  The downhill slope has steepened significantly with marijuana in use for all purposes even though only medical use is legal.  Virtually everyone there knew this would occur, just as virtually everyone in Wisconsin ought to know that this is what would occur here if these people had their way.

We read almost every day about the abuse of alcohol and the latest crimes that have been committed by those abusing alcohol.  We would apparently approve the use of marijuana the same as alcohol if given the opportunity to see that question on a statewide ballot.

I fear that we appear to have virtually become incapable of governing ourselves.  At the very least, it appears that enough of us have gone over the edge on this marijuana issue to appear to have lost our senses.  That we could even get close to approaching this kind of question so cavalierly is amazing to me.  I am not a “teetotaler”.  I was addicted to tobacco.  I know in that sense what it took to break that smoking habit.  Why I would think of subjecting myself to a worse and far more addictive substance is beyond me.  That others would so casually declare they were in favor of this simply defies common sense (which again is demonstrated to be anything but ‘common’ today).

To see the potential candidates for statewide office in the Democratic Party lining up like trained seals to tell us they’d make marijuana available for fun simply to cadge more votes for themselves is simply disgusting and should disqualify them on the spot.  Is this what we have become?  Is this how democracy finally devolves to enslavement to a substance?  Would Democrats actually cast a vote knowing that is where that vote would ultimately lead us?

It appears they would.  Let us all hope and pray they’re simply blowing smoke…and that it isn’t cannabis-related.  But that seems not to be something upon which we can rely for much longer…except by hanging on to our Republican Governor for another term.

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