Sooner or Later…

Sooner or later there is going to have to be recognition given that our President is not the buffoon he has been portrayed as being especially by the erstwhile liberal media outlets.

Sooner or later there will have to be some recognition that the good things happening today that were sorely missing in the Obama Administration years are happening today for a reason.  North Korea, for example, was never going to feel the need to take a more open stance with the realities surrounding it had President Trump not arrived on the scene.  That certainly didn’t occur during the Obama Administration years.

Sooner or later there will need to be some reconciliation by the left-leaning press in this country to the simple facts that surround it day-in and day-out.  You and I see all those signs and yet the media continues to ignore the same signs hoping, apparently, that the signs will go away and that their belief that our President is a buffoon will somehow be vindicated.  Tune in to a press conference one of these days if you find the opportunity.  Our country is in love with the Press Secretary, and you will be also if you spend an hour or so watching how she handles the people in that room who are unaccustomed to being “handled”.  Sarah is the real deal.

Sooner or later even the snobbiest members of the elite press will have to admit they were wrong about this guy given the results that are piling up around this Administration that cannot be explained away for much longer without the media losing what little faith and trust is still invested in it by you and me.

Sooner or later even those of you who are dyed-in-the-wool ‘Obama was the greatest President ever’ believers will have to admit that, even though the styles differ markedly, this new President is very capable, more capable it seems in many ways, by comparison to former-President Obama which we’re seeing almost daily if we take our blinders off.

Sooner or later even the Democrats in Congress are going to be forced to admit that this new President is pretty good, even though they are still struggling with the hatred, yes pure unadulterated hatred, they were overwhelmed by on the morning after the election.  Congressional Dems would be wise indeed to find ways in which they’re able to work with this President and find them soon or risk being shunted off onto a side-track while the Trump Zephyr zooms on by.

My watching of the disaster that is the Dem’s congressional leader, Ms. Pelosi, yesterday as she mumble-stumbled through a ‘presser’ was simply another nail being driven into the stand that may ultimately be consumed in the funeral pyre for her Democratic party.  It is bereft of ideas while being daily-consumed by the hatred it has for President Trump and all things he represents.

Isn’t it somewhat amazing that the North Korean dictator can see what this new fellow, this President Trump, could mean to his dictatorship thus driving him to seek negotiations with that person?  North Korea’s leader sees this but the Democrats have yet to catch sight of this political phenomenon which we know as President Donald Trump.  The world’s other leaders see this, but the Dems continue in the state-of-denial they have been in since the day after the election.

Sooner or later…

If that time is later rather than sooner, the Dems will have inflicted their party with enough cuts that it may well bleed to death as a political party.  Oh, it will continue to exist, but it will pale by comparison to what it used to be, and all this will be seen in hindsight as having been the product of you and me electing as our President a fellow by the name of Donald Trump who, for all his very human faults, seems to have been destined to find his way to the position he occupies today.

Sooner or later people will be studying this era that you and I occupy today in amazement at the achievements that lived beyond his Presidency, and we have a front-row seat watching this history being created.  Might I live to regret having written this blog?  Certainly, there is that potential, but I doubt that the potential for failure, given the breadth of the accomplishments that will be totaled after he leaves office, will be realized.

Sooner or later this President Trump will be given his due.

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