Hard to Imagine…

The following announcement on the Politico Huddle page this morning hit me right between the eyes:

Reps. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and Gwen Moore (D-Wis.), two FCC commissioners and others will host a briefing on the FCC’s impact on the poor at 12 p.m. in 2044 Rayburn.

Rep. Moore is from Milwaukee and, of course, Rep. Waters is from So. California.  Both are black women and both are liberal Democrats, VERY liberal Democrats.  And both can be pomposity personified when they so choose…which is quite often, or so it seems.

You can probably see this before it occurs as easily as can I.  If there was ever a pre-ordained outcome, this is it.  My first thought was what they’ll be proposing to be given away to the constituents who keep sending them to Washington this time.  This is the epitome of spreading the largess along with a good-sized helping of them preaching to their choirs who continue sending them to the District of Columbia in order to keep dollars flowing to the home districts they represent.

It is, for me at least, a bit more difficult to guess at what the Federal Communications Commission has that these two want for themselves and their constituencies.  Will they be touting new broadcast licenses for people back home?  Will they be announcing that airtime devoted to black issues will be increased by new federal regulations, new mandates?  Will there be some perceived inequity dealt with to their mutual desires?

Whatever this will be about, it will be about Maxine and Gwen and there will be little or no doubt about that when this has been concluded.  Obviously, the FCC’s impact on the poor is not something they find acceptable.  There must be some imbalance, whether real or simply perceived, that must be eliminated, and they’ll be taking bows for whatever solution they’ve forced the FCC to make for these perceived shortcomings.

Either or both could use this opportunity to re-establish their bona fides and to help restore the image of the concerned politician who has only the best interests of their constituency in mind, and that is probably what they have in mind.  We can expect that some inequity will have been addressed and that they were the two people that caused this redress to occur.  This stage may be a bit crowded with the two egos that will be involved unless they have already practiced the routine sufficiently to have assured they’ll be seen as masters of this and all other situations affecting their home Districts.

I feel a little remorseful that I am such a cynic in this situation even before it has been unfolded before us, but I am a cynic where these two are concerned.  Maybe they’ll be so high-minded that I will be forced to issue a contrite apology for having presumed they’ll be the same old same old.

Time will tell.

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