Ever Have One of Those Days?

I came very close to having one of those days but finally got my head screwed on a little straighter and realized this was a great day, that it was my attitude that had slipped because a couple of things I hadn’t allowed for occurred.  One of those things was an unexpected auto repair expense.

I started this day with a Bible Study with several very good friends and fellow church members.  A good breakfast fellowship followed that.  The day continued with a very nice coffee get-together my wife and I had with the lady who was married to one of my dearest friends who left us all way too soon.  She is doing better than I had hoped and is showing me how one handles such things as befall us in the course of this life.

The day took a bit of a turn with the news of a several hundred dollar auto repair expense that hadn’t been considered until a terrible noise began to be heard.  And, I found myself nearing the point of feeling very sorry for self.   This obviously was not something we’d planned to spend several hundred dollars on, but it was a necessary decision, like it or not.  Of course, today’s blog had yet to be written nor had the decision as to what it would be about been made.

I pondered the topic of today’s blog and finally came up with what you see at the top of this page.  We’ve all had ‘one of those days’ when plans didn’t go the way we expected, or when news was other than we’d hoped to hear.  It is easy to fall victim to the old “disease” of feeling sorry for oneself.  In fact, that is something that too many people let happen to them on an almost daily basis.

It is easy to lose sight of all the good things the day brought to us when we get a dose of reality tossed in our face, but that is not the work of anyone but self, and maybe the Devil who lurks about waiting to pounce on an opportunity.  Our day is entirely up to each of us.  If we choose to have a bad day, we will definitely have that bad day.  If we refuse to have a bad day, we’ll manage to get beyond it and be able to look back on the good things of that day.

We are healthy, our family is healthy, my Bible study group is doing well, and our men’s quartet practice went pretty well, too.  Coffee with our friend was enjoyable and we trust those will continue to occur from time to time.

My “feeling sorry for self” period didn’t last long and did result in a blog topic, so that took the turn I needed.  And, tomorrow is a new day waiting for each of us to make the best of the opportunity it represents.  We make the best of each day if we are fortunate enough to have positive attitudes.  Each day is what we make of it.

I hope you, too, had a good day, and that each of your days to come will be good days, too.


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