Douglas High School Follow-on…

I was astounded at the gift of public speaking demonstrated by the students of Douglas High School, in Broward County, following the shooting of students in that High School leading to the deaths of 17 people.  Apparently, I was not the only person that marveled at their abilities.  Onan Coca (Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing) has published a piece dated 3/1/2018 that delves further into the polished presentations of these student orators.

Their poise can be attributed, at least in part, to their school district’s system-wide debate program.  That county has what some call among the largest debate programs in the nation and that is credited with putting the students “on the front lines of the #NeverAgain movement”.  Robert Runcie is the Broward Schools Superintendent and he is quoted as saying, “I’m like a parent that is just beaming with pride in terms of how they have been able to express themselves, how they have exhibited a kind of courage that everybody needs to have and how they’ve worked to reclaim their future.”

The county sheriff and other local jurisdictions were kept in the dark so this system could trade cops for counseling rather than do what they ought to know is right.  The Superintendent said, “In some ways, it seems like we’ve been preparing our kids for this moment without realizing it.”

The Superintendent is a Chicagoan and a Harvard graduate with close ties to former-President Obama and his Education Department and had signed an agreement with the county sheriff and other local jurisdictions that permitted the school to trade cops for counseling.  Instead of the criminal justice system, students charged with various misdemeanors, including assault, were referred to counseling, which included participation in “healing circles”, obstacle courses and other “self-esteem building” exercises.

Nikolas Cruz was a product of this enlightened approach to discipline in the school system.  He was a repeat offender disciplined for a string of offenses including assault, threatening teachers and carrying bullets in his backpack.  He was never taken into custody nor was he ever expelled.  Little more than a month before the shooting, Cruz was the subject of a tip to the FBI about being a potential school gunman, but the FBI  took no action since there was no previous indication of such issues made part of his record.

Now, the kids who appeared so talented and professional in their appearance in the White House had help getting to that place with those talents.  They arranged for a teachers’ union to make available the buses that took these kids to Tallahassee to lobby the Florida state representatives.  The American Federation of  Teachers advised they were also behind the national school walk-out which journalists had previously credited to the work of a teenager.

The long and short of this is simple: it is part and parcel of left-leaning contributors working to influence public opinion using the students from this school district in order to take advantage of the lax educational system that spawned the likes of Nikolas Cruz.  He had no criminal record and so qualified to purchase the AR-15-style weapon he used that day.  He had not been entered into the system that would’ve triggered red lights and bells to go off when he tried to buy the weapon.

The ‘Left’, or ‘progressives’ if you prefer, is/are solidly promoting the various causes that would end our ability to purchase handguns and rifles and shotguns, and it was the left-leaning school system that permitted this tragedy by refusing to use the system established to prevent this very thing from occurring.

This is anything but a grassroots effort; it typifies what we’ve come to know as “astroturfing”.  If we had a media that was at least ‘center of the issue’ if not slightly right, maybe we’d be hearing more of the background information, and maybe we’d see a different kind of movement occurring.  The media is obviously culpable and is engaging in propagandizing knowing full well that is what it is doing.

That the left would even think for a moment about using such a grievous occurrence for political purposes tells us all we need to know about the left.  It perpetuates such problems by its permissive reporting and the taking of sides.

Those of us who are on the right side of such issues have our work cut out for us, but we are up to the challenge.  The truth will win out in the final analysis.  We can only pray that this will occur before more such left-driven ignorance-of-reality of these kinds of occurrences appear in our morning news.

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