“The View” & VP Pence…

Joy Behar made a remark about VP Mike Pence and his Christian faith that I found abhorrent as well as just plain dumb on her part.  That ABC has still taken no steps to even admonish her, at least publicly, is quite telling about that network…and likely about networks in general, unfortunately.

The incident was, of course, related to our Vice President’s professing of his faith and was apparently just too much for Ms. Behar to take given what appears to be her denial of faith not just for self but for all given her personal omniscience that denies the faith and those who profess to believe in the deity.

For a person to make such a remark is telling of the individual and his or her basic belief system in my world.  I believe and I find such remarks, even if flippant, and obviously baseless, to be offensive.  That didn’t cost ABC my viewership since I couldn’t tell you when I last watched something on ABC unless that might have been the channel carrying some sporting event that I wanted to watch.

Talking heads, in general, are not something I feel in need of unless they are talking current events or news of the day or the like.  The array of television shows throughout the day are appalling.  They seem to go from bad to worse with every new iteration.  The barrel from which the new “talent” is pulled must’ve had some dregs at the bottom for that seems more the norm on daytime TV today than ever before.

The whole anti-religious thing is, of course, base.  I do not trample the beliefs of others, even those of non-believers, but I refuse to accept their ignorant comments when they demean a good person, and our Vice President is among the best persons to ever have held that office.  That he is a Christian is a big plus in my book, and is something that makes me even more content with him in that office.

It is seldom that a non-believer has ever made any remark about my faith, let alone a denigrating remark about my faith and the fact that I believe in God.  Do I hear God speak to me?  Maybe not in actual voice, but absolutely in what I believe and why I believe and throughout each of my days as I am facing decisions, making people feel good about themselves and generally in forming me for the day and what it holds for me.

Once my ire and disgust for her died down, I was simply sorry for her and the condition she finds herself in if lashing out at a believer in Jesus Christ is part of the normal approach she takes to each day He lays out before her.

Making a joke or intimating some kind of weakness on the part of a person who ‘listens’ to Christ as he or she courses through each day was apparently her defense mechanism kicking in since she professes to be a non-believer.  Might it really be that she fears she is wrong and belittles others as a salve for her own wounds?  Or is it that she is just plain ignorant and refusing of anything she can’t wrap her own mind around?

Now, as to ABC and its total apparent disregard for her on-air foul-up (that is a least what it was in my mind), I guess we have a good idea of what drives that network’s decisions in programming and the people it wishes to have representing it on air.  I have not watched ABC unless, as I said, for some event not to be found elsewhere.  I will not watch ABC anymore or any less than already is the case.  But Joy Behar has a special place in my mind, and it is a place where I lament that she can be so ignorant on such an important subject as her own faith.

Mike Pence is one who walks his faith every day and every waking moment if I’m not mistaken.  That Joy Behar found it necessary to somehow justify her non-belief system at his expense did nothing but make Mike Pence even more special in my opinion.  Ideally, she might find her own faith while that is still possible during this lifetime.  If she is comfortable where she is today and has no need for faith in God, she is where she is…even though that is not the best place from my point-of-view.

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