Cockamamie Ideas…

An interesting word that basically means: ridiculous, pointless, or nonsensical: full of wild schemes and cockamamie ideas.

There are good ideas, great ideas, poor ideas and cockamamie ideas.  If we live long enough, and if we pay attention to enough different sources, we’ll be conversant with this word.  There are people in our Congress who have a knack for the pronouncement of cockamamie ideas with the straightest face we’ve ever seen.  Some of those ideas come from backbenchers who simply strive to be noticed, and some come from veterans who really don’t need to resort to such things to attract notice.  They already garner sufficient facetime before the cameras to be noticed.

Some of those who garner sufficient time in office and before cameras actually would be doing themselves a favor to avoid that spot since they sound, and even look like they are wigged out as they prattle on to fill the requisite 45 to 60 seconds of face time.  This is intended to prove to the “the folks back home” that they are performing yeoman’s duty while in D.C.  Always working hard; always recognizing the interest of their constituents…at least until the bright light is off them and they can get on with the partying of the evening.

Cockamamie ideas are not the province of only politicians on the national stage; we see more than enough evidence of that on the various state stages around the country.  In some cases, this look gets down to community and county levels when opportunities for facetime make their presence known.  Some simply cannot avoid an opportunity for face time; it seems a genetic thing that, much like flies around a light on a dark night, causes the person to swarm toward those hot lights which mean there must be a TV camera somewhere.

Those who feel compelled to be seen over and over again might do themselves a favor if they’d step back, take a deep breath or two, and go the other way.  The act of giving a response to a question without having had the chance to mentally ‘respond’ to that question several times is almost always less effective than had been hoped for by the individual drawn to that bright light.  These are the moments that can break careers, especially careers that rely upon the support of the public.

Not all the ideas that get ‘blown up’ in such situations were bad ideas.  Had better thought been given to the presentation of the idea, it might’ve gone further; or, more thought might’ve produced the use of a better phrase or a more appealing name for the idea that could make all the difference in the outcome.

Given that potential, we begin to see that ideas don’t always have to be good in order to gain speed legislatively.  And, we see that packaging of ideas can make all the difference in the world as to the outcome.  And therein lies the danger that we could be romanced by a name and find ourselves in bed the next session with an ugly wretch of a bill with a wart on its nose that is a real turn-off.

The moral of this story, if there is a moral, is simple:  do not think everything that sounds good is really going to be good; that is especially true in politics and we seem destined to have to prove that to ourselves over and again.  We can sure make use of this filter system at the time of our vote in political races.  If the candidate sounds too good, too smooth, too self-assured, maybe we ought to step back and watch a bit.  If the candidate is not polished to a high shine, and if he or she doesn’t use a $5.00 word when a $0.50 word will do just as well, it might be that you’ve found that diamond-in-the-rough that needs some experience but is worth trusting even so since honesty and integrity outweighs appearance and brilliance many times over.

Be on the lookout for cockamamie ideas.  We’ve all seen and heard them, so recognizing that only requires that we listen and watch very carefully and closely.  A casual conversation can usually tell us if we’re talking with a liberal or a conservative…and a few more minutes can help to confirm we’ve found a real conservative, not just a poseur who knows the right words.

Take your time.  “True conservative” lasts forever while cockamamie also lasts a long time but does a lot of damage in the process of eventually being discovered and vetted.

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