WOW! Krugman Goes Off…

Paul Krugman is with the New York Times, not the most conservative news organization you’ll find, and he gives those of us in the G.O.P. (the Grand Old Party) what for in yesterday’s column.  His first paragraph began like this:

Even those who have long since accepted the premise that Donald Trump is corrupt, self-centered and dishonest seem a bit shocked by his tirades over the Presidents’ Day weekend.  Using the Parkland, Fla., massacre as an excuse to attack the F.B.I. for investigating Russian election intervention on his behalf – while lying about his own past denials that such intervention on his behalf – took vileness to a new low level, which is truly impressive given Trump’s previous record.

Many of us probably are not even aware that such tirades can pass for news writing anywhere in our country, but Mr. Krugman is here to tell us “that ain’t so”.  That he is a major ‘name’ contributor to that publication gives you a decent idea of its slant…no tilt is a better descriptor…and provides the counter-point of all counter-points to all things conservative in this world.

Another quote:

The sad content of modern Republican character is a symptom of the corruption and hypocrisy that has afflicted half our body politic – a sickness of the soul that manifests itself in personal behavior as well as policy.

He rails on until getting near the end of this diatribe:

And the character flaws of the party end up being echoed by the character flaws of its most prominent members.  Are they bad people who chose their political affiliation because it fits their proclivities, or potentially good people and good ideas on both sides, or whatever other bipartisan homily you want to recite.  We are, instead, living in a kakistocracy, a nation ruled by the worst, and we need to face up to that unpleasant reality.

Wow!  This screed is disgusting and sickening and ought to be embarrassing to the writer and to the people who publish this stuff.  This gives those of us in fly-over country a view of what passes for the liberal persuasion at least on the East coast.  I couldn’t/wouldn’t write with such hate driving me even if I wanted to…which I do not and will not ever want to do.

This also explains full well why we have an Electoral College that the largest states would love to do away with; the liberal element is champing at the bit to rid this country of conservatives’ reasonableness which apparently has now become the sole domain of us conservatives.  I don’t recall ever such a venomous spewing from a conservative.  I am not sure that any one of us could write such things and ascribe our name to the writing.

That he would dare bring the very concept of a soul into his screed says a world of things about the man and his belief system.

All things considered, I prefer my belief system to his and I’ll stay on the straight and narrow conservative pathway.  And, given this is the day to vote, I will exercise my rights as I do every time I have the opportunity to vote.  I encourage you to do the same and I encourage you to stay the conservative course.

Can you even begin to imagine a world run by the Krugman’s of our time?  I cringe and I give thanks to the Lord above… I guess that revelation makes me even more of the proverbial neer-do-well.  Thank God for our freedoms.  May we keep our country strong and may we blunt the forces of evil that would destroy our way of life.  And may Mr. Krugman find peace at the end of his journey…for he certainly seems in anguish in the here and now.

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