Unfortunate, But Certain As Sunrise…

We as a country have experienced a terrible occurrence with mass killings of students by another student armed with what looks like a military weapon but which is “civilianized”, and the press, with rare exception, runs to microphones and TV cameras with supposed experts to damn such weapons.  The students involved were used, yes used, to promote an anti-gun agenda on a national TV program which featured Rush Limbaugh on the other side of the debate/discussion.

The students were well-versed and spoke with confidence and authority (as much authority as victims of such an occurrence could possess) and the jolt of adrenalin that was brought about by their proximity to the disaster and loss of lives we learned of soon after the occurrence.

This was intended for nothing other than the hit job it was against lawful weapons which had been again used by someone who had issues and acted out on those issues.  The national TV platform was perfect for this effort by the press and those who believe all guns ought to be taken away from citizens.  The students were well-spoken, and I suspect well-coached given their knowledge of the weapon used and the dramatic presentations that we watched and heard.

I thought it clever of the network to use Rush Limbaugh as the counter-point given his known volatility for some people no matter the topic, coupled with the sympathy for those involved and the despicable actions of the person who did the killing.  Of course, the solution for everything of this nature is to seize all bad weapons, ban them from sale and damn the people who would own such dastardly things as guns.  I do not know how this group would define what an acceptable weapon might be short of a single shot .22 caliber squirrel rifle such as I used to plink with before that dastardly Army trained me in the use of everything from a .45 pistol to rapid-fire rifles, 4.2-inch mortars, and even 155mm artillery weapons.

I have yet to kill anything larger than a squirrel, by the way, and I do not believe that will ever change at this point in my life.  I understand that I am setting myself up as a target of verbal disgust for those who do not understand anyone who would even think of pulling a trigger on a pistol or long-gun.  Maybe a slingshot with a small stone would pass muster but nothing else.

I do understand the grief that is used by some to propel the argument against weapons of any kind.  I do understand the TV network framing the students as the crusaders who have rallied to fight back against those who possess guns.  Little that the opposition voices against the ownership and enjoyment of guns surprises me anymore.  The vilest arguments and attacks on character have occurred.  Now we must apparently be subjected to the teenage wisdom of the students who were subjected to this horror by a member of their own group.  The deployment of that well-spoken and sympathy-gathering group as the crusaders against guns is probably well-meant but they are being used and that part of all this is very disgusting.

The timing of this show couldn’t have come at what the opponents of firearms thought was a better time…and it was driven by a television network that saw all this wonderful attention that could be focussed on what is apparently that network’s driven end…the outlawing of all weapons the network bigwigs and on-camera people think ought to be done away with.  The use of these kids, even though they were obviously excited about their TV debut, was calculated to produce the greatest adverse impact possible from this terrible occurrence.  The inclusion of Rush Limbaugh in the program was used to gather viewership as well as to use a person who isn’t uniformly loved and looked up to for the purposes of adding another element for people to despise and/or hate.

This was one of worst demonstrations of the freedom of the press that I have witnessed.  This was one-sided and intentionally done to gain the greatest readership and make the point over and over again about how bad guns are, so bad that even Rush Limbaugh thinks they are great or he wouldn’t have permitted himself to be placed it that position.

This was a double hit-job that used those students.  Despicable is too nice a word to describe this network’s actions.  By the way, Rush held his own and came out on top, from my perspective, even though this was a foul-smelling set-up about which that network and host ought to be ashamed of forever.  I wonder what the host’s father would think his son’s actions yesterday; I sincerely doubt he’d have been party to this hit-job.

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