Nikolas Cruz & Antifa…

The Florida shooter had an AR-15 and ample opportunity to kill as he proved yesterday.  The blame has already been assigned to the AR-15 being available as if the banning of those weapons would’ve changed what happened.  This kid had a significant problem, was booted from school, was treated until he decided he didn’t want treatment and then shows up with the AR-15 and kills students.

The knee-jerk assumption is that without an AR-15, this carnage would never have occurred.  The truth is that without this kid with a problem that hadn’t been sufficiently treated this carnage would not have occurred.  He could easily have used a shotgun and probably have accomplished much the same outcome.  Had that occurred, would the “ban the shotguns” movement be in high gear today?  I doubt it.  You know it would not have happened, too, even if you hate guns.

This miscreant slipped through the process somehow and that is what needs to be the focus at this point.  It seems society had ample opportunity to get him cured or committed, whichever was determined to be proper in his case.  That he was apparently impacted by the Antifa Movement is part of the problem but had he still been under treatment for his issues he probably wouldn’t have gotten caught up in Antifa with those deranged people who no doubt welcomed him into their ranks…if he was ‘officially’ in their ranks.  I don’t know where you go to sign up for a tour of Antifa duty.  Are we now hiding behind that movement to try to explain his personal issues?

Our society blew it in this case.  He was going to ‘go off’ somewhere and sometime.  He hadn’t been cured.  He dropped out and somehow got himself jazzed up about Antifa and bought or stole an AR-15 and ammunition and did what he did.  He could’ve as easily gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle and driven into a large crowd walking down the street.  There is hardly a limit to the number of ways his need for killing could’ve been satisfied.

As an aside, I wonder if those convicted of such a heinous crime ought, as part of their sentence, be subjected to the same cruelty they inflicted on one or more people in order to find themselves in court.  If I knew I’d be shot in the foot, even, with an AR-15 if I did what he did, I’d have had to give that a lot of thought before proceeding with the action.  Maybe the perpetrator would think his idea not such a good one if this were part of the punishment.

He obviously had/has a problem and should not have been permitted to walk away from treatment.  We see that in retrospect.  This was not caused by the availability of an AR-15.  If, in fact, the Antifa movement was part of his problem, I hope we get the message that these people need to be dealt with and that needs to occur quickly to prevent more such stupidity from being acted out.

We have some very serious problems in our society and those need to be identified and dealt with in a substantive manner.  No pussyfooting around the edges.  Go at the problem and those people who are acting up in this manner and rid our country of that movement.  If they need to beat someone with baseball bats, maybe their punishment ought to include at least a couple of whacks with a bat once they’re convicted.

Maybe the “eye for an eye” thingy has some real merit just as a bullet in the foot would have merit and the baseball bat swung at a body part would have merit.  Could it be that we have become too sophisticated, too civilized in our punishments?

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