Elections Have Consequences…

The title is certainly not fresh thinking; we’ve known almost for as long as we’ve been alive that elections have consequences.  The majority of us accept the outcomes, at least over time, and work diligently to change things next time if we disagreed with the last outcome.

The liberals have tried, and are still trying, to do away with the results of the last national election.  Almost on a daily basis, I see another “isn’t Obama just the greatest thing ever to happen to this country” diatribe almost as if liberals simply have been unable to accept the outcome of our last national election.

If I didn’t know better, or at least didn’t think I knew better, I begin to think that the liberals have some form of a self-deceptive disease that keeps them from seeing the truth.  We elected a conservative or at least the most conservative person whom we found on the national ballot.  His name is Donald Trump and he is a very successful businessman who also has a very large ego.  He has made more millions than I could even conceive of having or earning, and I think he is doing a very good job of running this country given what he walked into after his inauguration.

In spite of all this and the fact the outcome of that last national election has been known for many months, there appear to be a group of people that have refused to accept the truth.  In fact, they seem so out-of-touch with reality as to have even lost touch with the fact that this Obama guy isn’t still sitting in the Oval Office.  I see his picture more often, it seems than I see that of the real President, Donald Trump.  It is always attached to a form of a questionnaire that asks my opinion, but which is really trying to shape my opinion since the people behind this movement have apparently lost touch with reality.

These poor folks are still touting Obama as the greatest President and seem to think they’ll find him in the Oval Office again if they just persist in this folly they seem to conceive of as deep thinking, as them displaying their masterful knowledge and superior intellect that us voters apparently simply cannot comprehend.  If we could, they seem to reason, how in the world did this Trump guy get elected unless there was skullduggery of one kind or another involved.

If it weren’t so bothersome, I’d probably feel bad for the Dems who are so misguided by their personal thinking as to believe they can somehow overcome those election results, and return Obama to the Oval Office for a third term.  I would really try to help them in their grief and their inability to accept reality if they weren’t so darned obnoxious in the role of losers.

Maybe if we keep President Trump in office for a second term, they’ll have had time to deal with reality.  Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me to find a movement that tries to get the two-term limit in this office thrown out so they could have Obama take another tour of duty.

There are, as we all know, poor losers.  But these people transcend merely being poor losers.  These people are totally bereft of the ability to reason their way through these issues.  There is some kind of mental block or mental issue that apparently precludes them from seeing reality.  It is as if that election never took place and they will awaken from this nightmare sooner or later.

Maybe the best thing us conservatives can do to help these poor folks will be the re-election of President Trump to a second four-year term in office.  Maybe by that time, the Democrats will have come to understand that Obama is gone; that all the Obamas are gone if only a few blocks away from the White House, but gone nonetheless.

Apparently, some of these physic wounds take longer to heal than others, and this seems to fall into that category.  To help speed the healing process, you could consider letting your Democrat friends know that this is reality and that they are not in some never-never land.  Encourage them to work their way through the healing process because they’ll probably encounter a similar problem before long and they’d best be ready this time.

You might be sure that you are more than an arm’s length away, though, in case they still feel the need to take a swing at you.  It isn’t always easy to minister to those suffering these kinds of anxiety, but we conservatives can at least try to be helpful.

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