North Korea Is Scary…

It is not the poor people who live in North Korea that are threats, but their leader who is a very real threat.  He is not a person with whom we can have a diplomatic discussion to reach a point where he and we can peacefully coexist.  He strikes me as an unstable bully given to whatever intrigues him at the moment and we know he doesn’t even play well with his own countrymen and women.

If, as has been discussed widely, he possesses the ability to rain death upon us from a previously launched satellite using a low-grade nuclear device to destroy our grid system, then we know everything we need to know.  If this is true to the best of our knowledge, he cannot be permitted to exercise a first strike that could shut down our economy in an instant, and that would significantly damage our ability to exist as a nation.

The United Nations has no ability to handle this, or, if it does, has no intent to involve itself in this situation.  We are at the point where we need to act pre-emptively and to act decisively.  If we have the capability to destroy his orbiting satellite that supposedly is the tool he’d use against us then we need to do that as quickly as is at all possible.

If we do not have the ability to take that threat out-of-play, we need to deal with the man who has his finger on the trigger, and we need to quit what I would call the ‘pussyfooting’ approach as if we are afraid of our own shadow.  He is unstable.  He apparently has weapons of mass destruction at his beck and call.  He is Evil personified. Period!

We have to move forward with the threat he represents at the top of mind.  If we have an alliance that needs to be involved, that process needs to happen and happen quickly.  If we fear the international politics that might flow from such a preemptive strike, I’d say our survival as a country is far more important than repercussions that might flow from the act after-the-fact.

If the United States should be suddenly plunged back into the equivalent of the 1,800s or early 1,900s, there would be no coming back from that occurrence.  We would be wiped off the face of this earth by our other enemies to the extent left necessary by the attack by North Korea.  The peace in our world today is driven by our ability to make sure that remains intact.  We are the 800 lb. Gorilla.  If we suddenly lost our standing as the 800 lb. Gorilla, we would be dumped on by other countries which we believe are our allies today.  Do we, for example, think that Mr. Putin wouldn’t seize on opportunities to assume a bigger role, maybe the biggest role in this new world without the United States as world peace-keeper?

The UN exists because we fund the major part of its budget and we act as its protector to keep the wolves away from the door.  Countries we think are our allies might well surprise us if and when the chips are down.  If it comes down to them or us, they are going to do what we would do and protect their self-interests.

We cannot continue to be so naive as to think this is not the truth; that is fine but only so long as we are the 800 lb. Gorilla, and there is no other sane country that would dare to stomp on our toes.  There is a less-than-sane country that would react in a heartbeat, or which might even act preemptively against us given the alignment of the stars suggesting we were able to effectively be destroyed by plunging us back into the equivalent of the 1,800s.

There are certain realities that drive diplomacy to the very back of the bus or worse that kick diplomacy out of the discussion.  If we are to continue our role in this world, we need to be willing to presumptively exercise our bequeathed role as the policeman of the world.  And North Korea needs be dealt with decisively and quickly.  The leader of that country will not hesitate for even an instant when he believes he has the weapon to make all this happen…even if he overestimates his strength.

I don’t know of a person in our entire country who believes he is a stable world leader.  His actions betray him for what he is.  We need to act, and we need to take our best shot first in this case.  He has to be floored by our first punch and unable to answer the bell for the next round.

It IS just that simple no matter how complicated we might be led to believe it to be.


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