There Are Times When…

There are times when I think maybe I should give up reading so much, and blogging and trying to stay aware of the happenings of the day…and just go about my business oblivious to what is and isn’t happening around me…and the impact of all that ‘stuff’ on our country and our way of life.

There are times when I sort of envy those who do not have the need I seem to have for the latest news and the stories behind the news.  There are times when I sort of envy those who seem able to sail along merrily through each day without any thought to those things that apparently impassion me.

And then, there are those times when I know that I have to be involved for my own good, that I couldn’t be like I dream of being even if I tried, and that whether or not this makes a difference to anyone else, it does help me retain whatever part of my sanity that still exists.  Glad we had this discussion, lopsided though it was.

The waterjet of daily politics is still working and the day’s information is still flowing, and the disgust with some of it is still just as strong as usual.  The back story involving the Obama’s and their continued efforts to purloin our society and to reform it to the image they believe is better than yesterday’s was is striking and scary simultaneously.

This family is driven to become the permanent ruling family of America (since we found the Clintons’ woefully short in that effort) and to stay in that capacity for so long as is at all possible simply reliant upon the gullibility of a sufficient number of people.  These gullible people are just like you and me, except for their belief systems as to politics and what this country should be if what it is not precisely as they believe it needs to be.

We talked last week about the new order of things as they see that order and the new website they formed that will enable them to interfere with day-to-day politics and governance from a safe distance while the worker bees who are hooked on the opioid known as Obamaism go about the daily work of fouling our society and our government.

We have a sycophant liberal press that is only too happy to carry water for the Obama movement (not to be confused with a daily cleansing routine that sounds vaguely similar), as I’ll call it, no matter what that might ultimately mean for our freedoms as we’ve known those for lo these many years.

We have liberals who are seemingly like lemmings on their way to the sea when it comes to worship at the throne of Obamaism that apparently see no problem with the further entrenchment of this political movement in our daily life.

You might have seen the debacle yesterday that was the Democrats’ version of delaying progress so that Nancy Pelosi could opine on nothingness for hours to simply show that she objected to whatever was on the docket for the day.  This is apparently what passes for governing in the Democrats’ vernacular.  It was a sorry sight which further magnified the issues we as a people have in the effort to govern ourselves as the forefathers envisioned.

I sometimes wonder if we might one day get to the tipping point where liberalism becomes the dominant form of governance and where us conservatives are simply shunted off to the side until we and our ideals have died out in modern society.  I earnestly hope that the ebb and flow and the give and take will go on long after these blogs are gone.

But there are days such as yesterday when the question resurfaces as I watch a Nancy Pelosi make a fool of herself in the name of delaying Congress, that makes me wonder if we might not have already gone a mile too far down the liberal road to oblivion.  And then there is another blog to keep ‘my juices’ flowing.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did…but I doubt that is possible.

Accept my wishes for a great and wonderful conservative day!


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