Where From Here?

Rep. Goudy is leaving and there does not seem much hope that he might return in a prosecutorial role, although I still think that would be fantastic.  He believes that it is time for him to return to the private sector, although I have to think that a Special Prosecutor offer would intrigue him and possibly bring him back to the District of Columbia but in a different role.

He seemed to be saying that it was time for him to return to that world after serving for years as a member of the House.  Time will tell but I don’t have the power to extend that offer to him.  Others do but there may simply be no stomach for that kind of thing in The Swamp.

Our Federal government is still functioning in spite of a rather dysfunctional, from time-to-time, Congress, and a spending deal appears to be very close to fruition indicating no additional government shut-down.  Until it is formally agreed to, however, there is still the potential that someone will derail it temporarily for whatever reason they can think of whether sensible or not.

I understand Goudy’s feeling that he needs to get back to reality after serving time in D.C., and he has said that he yearns to again be in the prosecutorial world.  He might still have that opportunity to be a prosecutor in the District of Columbia, but that seems to be moving further away from fruition and not closer.

Goudy seems to be real in every way that is important.  He is solid.  He is seemingly unflappable.  He has a very quick mind.  He has demonstrated that he can be very strong-willed when in the role of an inquisitor.  I believe he would strike fear into the hearts of people on both sides of the aisle, and I think he could be trusted to be fair to both sides simultaneously.

My sense was that he was finished with politics, however, there might be some way that he could be persuaded to take another role in that world.  His interview last evening on Fox was very interesting and very telling of the quality of the man.  He is/was one of the good guys.

Now, we are still awaiting whatever shoe that might be expected to drop in President Trump’s world to drop.  That most likely would involve the Special Prosecutor, and the Dems seem hopeful that will be a bad thing for the President.  We have no idea what may’ve been said or whether there is really any “there” there.  I’d be much more comfortable with a Trey Goudy in such a role than with the current person who is still an open question so far as the ability he possesses as well as the trustworthiness/sense of fairness he possesses.

I doubt that we’ve heard the last of the shots across the bow of our President and his team.  I will not be surprised if there are criminal complaints filed given the length of time this has been fomenting and given the person doing the digging.

It seems that anything which would even slow, not necessarily derail, the President’s agenda is fair game.  And we know the vitriol aimed at him is very real and very intense.  If you’re so inclined, a little prayer for his welfare and strength of will would be welcomed.

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