Dreamers & CRs…

Time flies when we’re having fun, doesn’t it?  Seems like only a couple of weeks ago we were talking about Continuing Resolutions and Democrat threats to hold government and us, the people, hostage unless and until they got their demands.  This is what passes for democratic action in a Congress where us Americans decided fairly and squarely that we wanted a Republican majority and a Democrat minority.

Democrats think, somehow, that through their bi-weekly temper tantrums they are earning our love and undying respect.  They couldn’t be more off the mark, in my opinion, and we ought to simply say, “okay – shut the government down and see what that buys you in terms of falling approval ratings just like last time”.  This is what happens in a funding world of “Continuing Resolutions” rather than a real codified budget that provides for full-term funding versus the Mickey Mouse crap foisted upon us all by the Dems’ big bully, Chuck Schumer when he doesn’t get his way.

This all, apparently this time, at least, hinges on the Dreamers being accorded unconditional citizenship so they can be purloined into being faithful Democrat voters.  You will remember that we just went through this same BS and that Dem Chuckie Schumer was forced to back down that time.  We also learned that being “shut down” means very little to the rest of us given what continues and what really shuts down.  I do not like that some are hurt, but that is what happens when bullies over-react and think they can turn their minority status, duly accorded by the voters, into a magical majority.

We know that people in some positions get hurt, but we also know who the bullies in this equation are: they are Schumer and Company having yet another snit fit over the fact they didn’t earn enough votes to become the majority.  How they can even begin to imagine that this “strategy” could possibly inure to their long-term benefit defies what you and I would call simple logic.

They touched the hot burner two weeks ago, got their fingers burned, quickly changed their tactics, supposedly, and are already back to touch the hot burner again.  That does not smack of the smart politics that Dems claim Republicans are lacking; seems like they got their shoes on the wrong feet.  Maybe that is what hurts them so much about being in the minority.  They are in the minority because a majority of us put them there.  These crummy tactics will do nothing to improve their stature the next time we vote.

We saw how badly the last “shut down” hurt Schumer with his own ‘peeps’.  He doesn’t seem to have a very long memory for things like this so we are back at the edge of the cliff once again.  That “shut down” didn’t make a weekend before he folded.  He would obviously rather that some government employees and citizens get hurt so that he can pout and pose for pictures and make threats about what he and the Dems will do next if they don’t get their way.  If he feels like he wants to put his whole hand on the hot burner this time rather than just a finger-tip, I guess we should let him do so.

Schumer is acting like the four-year-old brat that always got his way if he pouted and threatened to not eat his dinner.  Let him go ‘unfed’ for a week or two if that is what it takes for him to understand what being in the minority means.  And arrange for a stream of publicity shots of those whom he has hurt with his personal snit fit this time.  Play the game as if we are actually Democrats who don’t seem to have much concern for those who get hurt.  Start a ticking clock that portrays what each hour of Democrat pouting means to America.

While we’re at it, maybe the daily ‘pressers’ ought to be conducted in a far less comfortable environment with everyone standing in a hot room.  That would help the press better understand what is happening to the people who aren’t working because of Schumer’s antics.

Apparently here they go again, as former President Reagan would’ve said.

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