Top Secret to Unclassified…

The Top Secret memorandum from the House Intelligence Committee has been declassified by order of President Trump dated February 2, 2018.  A quick read gives us information as to why so many have been so bent on depriving us of this information.  This cries out for actions to be taken against those who perpetrated this farce, no matter who they are and no matter how far up the food chain they are found.

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post ran editorials against the release of this information and you might question why.  Mark Penn, an opinion contributor had this as part his piece on that subject prior to the widespread release of the memo:

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post yesterday ran editorials calling for prior restraint on a memo written by the duly elected chairman of the House Intelligence Committee after he and his staff reviewed classified documents related to the so-called Russia investigation.  These editorials are a stain on American journalism, much like the Japanese interment camps were a stain on the record of the Supreme Court.  They should – and, I think, will over time – regret them.

I have no idea what is in this memo, but it’s a memo.  It’s speech.  It’s from the very staff and people our Constitution assigns to oversee the Justice department and the FBI.  And elected officials who wrote it think I should see it.  The people who don’t want me to see it are the elected officials and individuals whose actions are being reviewed, and several of the same newspapers that went to court to publish the “Pentagon Papers”.

For about a year, anyone who wanted to could read the secret “dossier” prepared by GPS Fusion and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party.  I urge people to read it.  It’s obvious nonsense.  It’s not “unverified”.  It’s been discredited.  Its major allegations, aside from being preposterous, have no basis in fact.  The idea that something, anything, could be found in it that is true – such as that Trump advisor Carter Page went to Moscow – does not rehabilitate it.

And, despite the crystal-clear federal election rulings that campaigns must identify the ultimate recipient of the funds for opposition research, the fact that Democrats paid for the dossier was stonewalled for a year – and we found out about the source of funds only after the very same House Intelligence Committee went to court and pried it out.

I would encourage you to search out this information, the actual unclassified memo is to HPSCI Majority Members from the HPSCI Majority Staff dated January 18, 2018.  That is now ‘Unclassified’ thanks to President Trump and is downloadable.  The bias against our President is palpable.  That this kind of activity was pushed by the Democratic Party is nothing short of disgusting.  If this had been done by the Republican Party, I would reach the very same conclusion.

This is an excellent study in just what you and I need to be wary of every day as we pick up a newspaper or read a piece on the Internet.  Who wrote the piece?  What are their political leanings?  Is it replete with real fact, or is it innuendo stitched together to appear to be real?

None of us want to believe this kind of garbage can possibly go on today, but we are terribly naive if we refuse to admit to ourselves this and more go on every day in our nation’s Capitol, and the mainstream media is part of the problem rather than being part of the solution as was originally intended by the Founding Fathers.

Rather than being overly fearful of “The Russians”, the bogeyman created by the Dems and the press, we find we really have to be on our toes and wary every day of the evil from within.  Strong words, I know, but quite appropriate as we see in this unfolding debacle.  Members of the media have to be scrutinized for their biases.  Sources we use regularly have to be able to stand up to the light of day…and we can plainly see that not all can…and that those uninvolved today might well be involved tomorrow.

So, with this in the process of being put behind us, can we expect the Democrats to behave themselves and act like adults rather than demagogues concerned more with power than truth?  Not for a moment.  Unfortunately, you and I also have to be wary of the Republicans lest they fall into such depths of depravity in the quest for political power.

There seem “Siren’s Songs” aplenty in and around our nation’s Capitol.  When the mainstream media becomes a participant, willing or unwilling, we are in deep do-do.

Be careful in your consumption of and utter belief in “news” in this day and age.

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