FBI Seems Overly Concerned…

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has the FBI in a bit of a hard spot given that he has indicated that he’ll release his memo which apparently details what he sees as abuses of power inside the FBI.  The President has indicated that he is in agreement that you and I ought to be able to see its contents and draw our own conclusions.

Nunes is Chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.  Since the President has reviewed the memo and okayed its release, this brings the battle to the front door of FBI Director Christopher Wray who wants this memo to remain secret obviously fearing that it shows his FBI in a bad light.

People in the know think this is an effort to avoid further embarrassment to the FBI than has already occurred.  Democrats are trying to keep the memo secret and instead have tried to tie this dispute somehow to an effort to “undermine the credibility” of the FBI investigation into Trump aides and their supposed ties to the Kremlin.

As has become the usual fare of the day, this boils down to being a tool to be used to somehow place the Trump Administration in a bad light since that is what Washington insiders want to happen in hopes they and their budgets might escape emasculation to one degree or another.

President Trump has effectively derailed the “political express” by being an unorthodox President who does not yield to being controlled by the typical outside forces.  That makes him an enemy, so to speak, since he has ultimate control over the fate of people in high places and over departments that may well have become accustomed to doing whatever they wish, whenever they wish at whatever cost, financial or otherwise, that may be incurred.

This seems to be about the only time that the FBI has felt the need to resist so strongly as to break with an age-old tradition of not biting the hand that feeds it.  It is no accident that the current President scares these folks given his real-world experience/success and given his obvious dislike for being forced to take action or to occupy a position he doesn’t support.  He does not always play nice in the political sandbox, and that is simply a huge “no-no” for some Republicans and many if not all Democrats.

Now couple all this with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and his mentioning that the FBI seems similar to a “secret society”.  Johnson is chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee which is directly involved in the arena the FBI seems so overly protective of when an authorized person is denied access or cooperation.  Johnson is also an ordinary Wisconsin businessman who is not accustomed to people or companies he retains to do things standing in disobedience or outright disruption of his goals.  There’s that darned non-politician playing in politics again.  No wonder Washingtonians are in somewhat of a snit fit.

All these kinds of things can impact other areas of concern such as Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server, and potential collusion on the part of insiders to cover up for and/or protect others.  The media feasts on these set-up opportunities, of course, to embarrass or attempt to embarrass Republicans over anything and everything since they are also in love with the Dems.

Sen. Johnson is now “widening the search of communications from top FBI officials including former director James Comey as well as demanding e-mails sent between then-President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton when she (as Secretary of State) was in Russia.  He has also sent a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein asking for ‘additional communication including texts, e-mails, memos and voicemails relating to the investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and candidates for the 2016 presidential elections for 16 FBI and Department of Justice officials.’  (This according to amgreatness.com/2018/02/01’johnson-widens-probe’/).

It sounds as though this will be ongoing unless or until Sen. Johnson is satisfied or other information is uncovered indicating there is an illegality involved or that all are in the clear.  Sen. Johnson is a businessman who would love to leave the Senate to return to his business full time.  I doubt this kind of stonewalling is going to make him anything but more eager to get to the bottom of what may well be a D.C. cesspool.  If you have any doubt about this, look at a picture of a Badger, the Wisconsin state animal, and you’ll see nothing but claws, snarls, and teeth when it feels betrayed or threatened.

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