How Utterly Fascinating…Goudy as a Federal Special Prosecutor

We learned a day or so ago that Rep. Trey Goudy (R-SC) is leaving Congress and returning to the prosecutorial world having apparently gotten his fill of public office at this level.  I have seen a mention of the possibility that he could appear as Federal Prosecutor; nothing official by any stretch, but a mention nonetheless.  Just think about that for a bit.

How utterly fascinating to imagine the possibilities if this were to be.  We have watched Goudy and have seen the traces of a political pit bull who thoroughly enjoyed grabbing hold of an issue and shaking the dickens out of it.  Imagine if that combination of education and background: elected experience, behind the scenes access to information you and I have little or no access to, coupled with the power of a President who wants to leave a crystal clean Washington, D.C. behind him when he leaves the Oval Office were brought to reality.

Now imagine the fear such an announcement would instantly create for Democrats and maybe for some Republicans, as well, if they had not always been lily-white as we’re led to believe.  This kind of out-of-the-box thinking is something I’d expect from President Trump and I suspect it would be something, if offered, that would be difficult for Goudy, if not impossible, to turn down.

Whether this is possible or not, it is something that is exciting and a little frightening to consider.  None of us would have any idea where this would go, but we could be 100% certain Goudy would leave no stone unturned.  He could be trusted to forget his former political world and follow every piece to its proper conclusion.

Imagine a Goudy investigation of the current crop of ‘investigators’ many of whom we have been suspicious about for some time.  Imagine a Goudy investigation of the Russia gambit and where that might lead.  Goudy would be an ideal candidate for just such a high-level investigatory position.  Having been on the inside, he would strike fear in the heart of anyone and everyone who had strayed from the straight and narrow…and we all suspect there are, potentially, many of those to be found in the District of Columbia.

Imagine the concern this would create for the Obama crowd having recently launched their operation from a mile or so away from the Capitol.  That group would have to operate a totally clean and legal operation or face the Goudy-music.  How new and refreshing that alone would be.  Imagine all the behind-the-scene-deals that exist and what those might portend if torn into by such a prosecutor who has knowledge that includes behind-the-scenes information not usually available to those not in elected office for one or another reason.

If this isn’t the next opportunity for Trey Goudy, it ought to be very strongly considered.  I cannot imagine a more well-qualified person with special insights no one outside the Beltway would possess.

Of course, if this led him to the present Oval Office occupant, we’d have to be prepared for the fur to fly there, too.  And, for the vast majority of conservatives, that would be an expected and acceptable part of his appointment to that job.  I believe we would expect that the current President if found complicit or worse, should have to pay the penalty.  I believe we’d also expect and demand that from the Clinton cabal as well if the roles were reversed.

If this were to become reality, I’d encourage the exploration of all branches for evidence of corruption/collusion so that we could either put those rumors to rest or watch for prosecution.  A thorough housecleaning is long overdue if for no other reason than to eliminate the wonder over allegations by others.  It would need to be totally apolitical, meaning that politicians on both sides of the aisle would be fair game.  Interestingly, we might approve forgiveness or lesser punishment of certain violations if the party were to step forward and confess followed by his or her resignation from office.  They would have to, of course, agree to testify at subsequent legal proceedings.

Just try to imagine what a Goudy broom would sweep up.  For some of us, this would largely lay-to-rest our suspicions.  For other of us, this would destroy some myths we had created for this person or that person.  That might hurt but it would be due if we were serious about the total clean-up of our government at the national level.

How utterly fascinating.  Will it occur?  Maybe our combined outcry might help move the idea along.  After all, if there is no “there” there, why would anyone resist such a public cleansing; why would they not want to strut down the street in their lily-white clothes having been proved innocent of any and all suppositions and rumors launched by political opponents.

Hillary and Bill would either be subject to prosecution, finally, or we’d all have to swallow the “fact” there was no “there” there in their cases.  You would think they’d be solidly in favor of this public cleansing.

So, will this near “fairytale” discussion become reality?  Time will tell…but it sure seems a great way for Trey Goudy to resume his prosecutorial career.

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